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Some Remodeling Ideas

home remodeling ideas

Household germs lurk everywhere, and in order to stay healthy, you need to know where they hide and how to prevent them from spreading. Read on to discover the 5 places in your home with the most germs and bacteria.

home remodeling ideas

After you purchase a new home, you may find it is not the happy home you envisioned. Appliances may fail, a mouse might run by your feet, and your lawn might not be as beautiful as you envisioned. There are several unexpected scenarios new homeowners often experience and some smart ways to protect yourself from costly repairs and aggravating situations in the future.

home remodeling ideas

Energy efficiency is a great way to help reduce electricity bills and help the environment. By reducing energy usage, you can make your home or business more comfortable and efficient. Spring and summer are coming upon us and there are many different ways to help reduce your energy bill and also help the environment.

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Home Improvement Tip

for the week of: April 20


Warmer weather is on the way.  Time to assemble and organize your sports closet.  The closet can be in the basement or garage with easy access to all sporting equipment:

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stuff for Home Remodeling

home remodeling article

Green Building Materials for Your Remodeling Project

posted: 2014/04/18

With environmental awareness steadily gaining ground among homeowners, more and more people are looking into ways to transform their space into a more sustainable and efficient place.

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stuff for Yard & Garden

home remodeling article

How to Protect Your Outdoor Plants and Furniture From Hot Summer Weather

posted: 2014/04/16

The summer heat can be enjoyable, but it can also wreck havoc on a yard if it is not protected. Constant sunshine can ruin many types of plants that require partial shade as well as damage outdoor furniture and other yard furnishings. Here are five ways to help save your yard from the harsh sun this summer:

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stuff for Kitchen

home remodeling article

4 Critical Questions to Ask When Redesigning Your Kitchen

posted: 2014/04/21

If youíre planning to redesign your kitchen, chances are that you are probably overwhelmed by all the decisions and options that arise. What flooring should you use? What appliances should I outfit my kitchen with? You may be wondering where to start.

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stuff for Home Decor

home remodeling article

Simple And Clear: 3 Step Living Room Makeover

posted: 2014/04/14

The living room is a place where we love to spend time. We take naps there, gather with friends, watch films with our beloved ones. Itís just a room that actually plays a major role in our lives. And since we spend enough of time there, we want it to be cosy, comfortable, pleasant and beautiful.

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Home Remodeling Plans
and Contractor Services

stuff for Bed & Bath

home remodeling article

6 Simple Ways to Unclutter Your Closet

posted: 2014/04/12

If you ever find yourself up against the uphill task of dealing with the mountain of clothes in your closet, know that youíre not alone. In fact, chances are that youíre fighting one such battle already. We all have garments languishing in our closets that we just donít wear or keep them for later use, but donít ever dispose them off. Over time, we end up collecting more of such garments which leads to our closets getting cluttered up.

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stuff for Home Structure

home remodeling article

Job Well Done: How To Go About Do It Yourself Construction

posted: 2014/04/23

Home renovations or new building projects can become quite expensive quick. The best way to save a few dollars here and there with construction projects is to go about these projects in the do it yourself manner. With a few easy tips, do it yourself construction can result in finishing that dream project and saving money.

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Home Remodeling Ideas and Home Improvement Ideas

What is Home Remodeling? It means to reconstruct or to make-over your home. Similar terms include renew, renovate, re-create, home improvement, and repair. But what does home remodeling mean to you? It most likely means making your home a better place to live.

So are you looking to remodel your home? Or how about looking at some home improvement ideas? You have landed at the right place. Simply consult our free 6-step home remodeling guide for home remodeling ideas and home improvement plans. The guide includes a complete home improvement catalog for every room in the house.

You can link to a respective room or home area to find home remodeling tips, home improvement ideas, and the latest in home improvement products, and services. Listed in our directory is everything from government guidelines, consumer reviews, and product showcases.

This home remodeling center has other great tools that include —

And when you are ready to fund your project, uses a referral network of lenders and brokers nationwide segmented by City/State to help find the best rate and terms for home improvement loans and home equity loans. Click to view our national lending network...