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Decks & Patios

Cool Ideas For An Amazing Patio

Then again, it’s not surprising some homeowners give their patio special treatment and prefer to spend more time there than anywhere else inside their home. Patios, after all, are inherently

Swimming Pools

Wooden Pool Decks For In-Ground and Above Ground Pools

Most pools concrete desk surrounds and in-ground pool. But lately, we are seeing more wood composite decks. They can look very nice and are easier to step upon after jumping out of the pool. See some examples below.

Green Home

Energy Saving Ideas Using Solar Panels

Renewable energy options for the home Notes: This table illustrats the renewable energy options that can wean us from polluting energy sources. In this post we will review solar panels

Home Siding

Choosing Your Style of Brick Siding

Sample style of red spaced brick siding Notes: Brick siding is one of the most popular used home siding along with vinyl siding. Brick is bit more expensive than vinyl

HVAC & Utilities

Make Sure Your Home Is Well Insulated – Energy Savings Series

Become an energy saving house with home insulation Notes: Is your home an energy saving house? Energy savings include many different options and technologies depending on your area. In this

Dining Area

Let’s Decide the Dining Room Area

Classic dining room area with cream colored walls Notes: So how should you design your dining room area? It all depends on the size of your dining area and budget.


Using Sconce Lighting to Decorate a Room

Old-fashioned sconce lighting on a brick wall Notes: Looking to decorate a wall – use sconce lighting to illuminate your wall decor. Sconce lighting not only acts as decor but

Master Bedroom

Why Do We Think Sleigh Beds Are Attractive

The sleigh bed. It has a distinct look that makes in one of the sought after bed frames. And the styles are changing all the time giving you an array of designs that match your decor taste.

Decks & Patios

Lighting the Backyard Deck

You have build a beautiful deck in your backyard. It is a great gathering place for friends and family. But what about night? Is your deck all dark? Light it up!, with these decorative deck lighting ideas.

Home Entry Stairway

Open Spiral Staircase Connecting the Floor Upstairs

Spiral staircases are great for connecting floors such as attics and lofts. Many spiral staircase come as assembly kits that can be installed fairly easily. We have three images below for some spiral design ideas and uses.

Home Decor

Creative Wall Decor for Just Being Different

With some creative thinking, you can design and interior room wall with some simple items that cost nothing. You just need to good background color to bring out the artistic decor. Below are three creative ideas to consider.


Round Jacuzzi Bathtub on Tiled Floor

After a hard day at work, nothing could be more relaxing that soaking in a jucuzzi bath. You may simply soak or let the jets run to soothe and relax aching muscles. Below are some design ideas for your bathroom.

Style Kitchens

Stylish Kitchen with Dining Area

Some kitchens do not have kitchen dining areas where you can sit and enjoy a meal without sitting up at a counter bar. If space allows, you might consider adding a small kitchen dining table or nook to bring family and friends together.

Halloween Fun

Halloween Pumpkin Displays for Exterior Home

Halloween mean pumpkins. Lots of them. So any Halloween decoration can be easily assembled by adding carved and non-carved pumpkins. Include some other autumn and/or scary decor and you are all set for the Halloween holiday.


Attic Living Room

Relaxing conversation room in attic with fireplace Notes: Always a question on what you would like to do with the extra space in the attic. Yes, you normally use your

Automation & Security

The Benefits of a Humidifier for Healthy Air

Humidifier spreading steam into the living room Notes: Humidifiers are a must during dry winter months. Our windows are closed the and the furnace is pumping out warm, dry aid.


Getting Ready for the Winter

Wood shed in small garden area Notes: Winter is just around the corner. Time to get your wood shed filled up. Wood sheds are perfect outbuildings for storing winter firewood.


A Whole New Flavor of Concrete Flooring

Atrafloor is taking the rough lux look to pastel places. They are calling it Ice Cream Industrial.

Introducing Bonbon, Mint, Vanilla and Coal – the soft and stylish new brick designs in Atrafloor’s Ice Cream Industrial Collection. Features a pale, refreshing palette inspired by ice cream colors and flavors. This collection takes inspiration from ever-popular strawberry, mint and vanilla flavors.


Attic Conversion Idea: Secluded Bedroom

Bedroom in an attic conversion with pallet bed and wooden crate on brick wall Notes: As your kids become teenagers, they start clamoring for their own bedroom. You can make

HVAC & Utilities

Saving Energy With LED Lighting

Saving power technology with modern LED lighting Notes: Who doesn’t want to reduce the cost of energy – it is not only good for the environment but also your wallet.