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Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween! Is Your Home Haunted?

It’s Halloween today! Is your home haunted? Do kids stay far away because of the creepy sounds coming from your home? Sounds like a moving house, squeaky doors, out-of-date kitchens and other “scary” things that make your home the haunted home on the hill.

Garden Furniture

Garden Chaise Lounge – The Most Popular Garden Furniture Piece

It is a beautiful day outside. Perfect weather to enjoy and read a book. You would like to lounge as your read. Who knows, you might doze off. Having a chaise lounge available can make this dream come true.

Home Siding

The Elegant Look of Stone Veneer Siding

If you are looking for an unique look for your home, consider stone veneer siding. Through the eyes of home designers and architects, stone veneer is what sets a home apart.

Dining Area

Round Dining Tables for Face-to-Face Conversation

A round dining table brings everyone together. There is no head position at the table. Simply take a seat and enjoy each others company. Round tables fit nicely in small dining areas and kitchen nooks. Let’s see how you can fit one in your dining area.

HVAC & Utilities

Designated Home Utility Room for Maintaining Home Utility Needs

What is a home utility room? A room to manage your home needs and utility. You need a place to store cleaning supplies, paper products, misc home needs and a place to setup your home networks. Could you use the space?

Halloween Fun

Ideas In Dressing Up Your Ghouls for Halloween

What are you going to be for Halloween? What Halloween costume would be the hit for this year? Can’t tell. There are so many ideas floating around. But let’s take a look at some favorite ideas.

Master Bedroom

Make Your Bedroom Nightstand a Functional Piece of Art

You never give much thought on how useful your bedroom nightstand and night table really is. It is space to place and charge your smart phone, lay down a book, assemble your night medicine, securely hold your personal items, and much more.

Decks & Patios

Enjoy a Fall Evening With a Patio/Deck Fire Pit

Think about it. As the fall weather gets cooler, it would be nice to sit around a fire at night. That is where a mobile fire pit comes in. You can place a mobile pit on the patio, deck, driveway, or yard. Set it down and light it up!

Home Decor

Entryway Bench to Welcome Friends and Family As They Enter

You open the front door to an inviting guest. You invite them in. What do they see once they enter your home? Your home entry way is the first room they encounter. Show them your decor magic with a home entry bench.

Home Decor

Using a Common Jar Bottle for a Beautiful Flower Vase

Who says you need a fancy vase to display your garden flower picks? Just go to kitchen and use a simple, storage jar as your vase. They make great vases. And the shape and style give you the vintage look you need for a flower decor display.


Converting Your Attic Into a Loft-Styled Bedroom

The attic is a perfect place to put in an extra bedroom for a teenage child or guests. Add some sky windows for night exploring. You will have a room that will be the envy of the family.


Making a Remodeling Change with a Classic Tub Faucet

Replace the faucets! That is one home remodeling project that you can do to spruce up your bathroom on a small budget. Replacing your bathtub faucets are easy to do without much hassle or large expenditure. Make sure you select the right faucet for your style of tub.

Automation & Security

Using CCTV Security Cameras to Keep Your Home Secure

You may feel that your neighborhood is safe. But then again is it? All it takes is a simple break-in and then safety flies out the door. What would it hurt to install CCTV security cameras and motion sensor lighting. They are so simple and small; and they can be monitored via WIFI.

Kitchen Accessories

Understanding the Types of Stemware for Your Kitchen

Need a glass of something? The type of glass we use depends on what that something is. If you need a glass of water, then we use a tumbler. If it is a nice glass of wine, then we use a —–. We have varying types of glasses or what we refer to as stemware.

Decks & Patios

You Come Upon a Garden Bench as You Stroll Through the Garden

It is so nice to walk outside with a friend to view the garden. But mostly talk about other matters as you stroll through the yard. And then there is a beautiful garden bench. A place to sit down as you finish the key conversation that brought you two together.

Exterior Decor

Using Window Boxes To Beef Up Your Exterior Home Decor

A least expensive way to add some nice decor to your exterior home is the addition of window boxes attached to your exterior home. Use these window boxes to plant flowers or add seasonal decor that celebrates the season. It doesn’t cost much and it adds so much to the exterior look.

Porch Systems

Relaxing on a Porch Swing During a Lazy Weekend Day

It’s a nice fall Sunday weekend. The sun is shining. Neighbors are out walking on the sidwalk. And the colors of the fall are brightly showing. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit comfortably on a porch swing and let the lazy day roll on by?

Halloween Fun

Pumpkin Carving Time Just Before Halloween

Nothing like making your house haunted on Halloween night. Not necessarily having to change the look of your home. You just need to be creative in your thinking. A little bit lighting, some fog, and frightening decor. It will have the kids think twice about knocking at your door.

Play/Exercise Area

Chalkboards to Bring Out the Adventure Imagination of Kids

If you have a dedicated play area for your kids, a great addition is big chalkboard on the wall or standing on the floor. The chalkboard brings out the imagination of you child as they chalk design their adventures.

Laundry/Mud Room

Setup a Clothesline as an Energy Saving Unit

It’s nice sunny day outside. So why not dry your clothes on your outside clothesline. It will save utility costs. And it will brighten and freshen up your clothes. There are a number of clotheslines that can work for your situation.