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Walls and Ceiling

Gray Colored Wall: A Color Style That is Back in Vogue

Gray colored walls are back in style. Especially two-tone grays and grays with an Ombr√©, sponge or textured look. Grays go great in bedroom, kitchens and living areas. So let’s see how you can develop gray colored wall for your home.

Nursery Room

The Nursery Changing Table to Help Mother and Baby Keep Smiling

The nursery room is fun to decorate – especially when a little one is expected. One item you will need is a changing table. These tables are nicely organized to help find those things to keep baby clean and sore free. You will find some ideas below.

Home Theater

Home Theater Speakers – Setting Up a Good Surround Sound System

When we think of home theater, our first thoughts turn to the big screen that over powers the home theater area. But a good home theater setup includes the powerful home theater speakers and a perfectly design surround sound system just like the movie house.

Child/Teen Bedroom

More Than One Child – That Is When Bunk Beds are Welcomed

If you have more than one child – or a child that wants an extra bed, then bunk beds are welcomed for any child room. Bunk beds have some creative designs that make them attractive and functional. And some bunks can be dissembled to make two separate beds.

Halloween Fun

Turn Your Home Into a Haunted House for Halloween

Nothing like making your house haunted on Halloween night. Not necessarily having to change the look of your home. You just need to be creative in your thinking. A little bit lighting, some fog, and frightening decor. It will have the kids think twice about knocking at your door.

Ponds & Fountains

Adding a Garden Pond to Your Landscaping – Some Ideas

To really add to your backyard landscaping, considering add a garden pond with or without a waterfall. Add some lighting, water pond plants, and perhaps some fish. You will have a landscaping look that bring on a conversation.

Home Office

Setting Up PC Monitors for Your Home Office – What’s Needed

Opening up a home office? You need to equip it with the latest technologies that connect you to your clients and buyers. Question is how many pc monitors will you need. It depends on what you do. One monitor may be sufficient, but you may need more.

Garden Lighting

Landscape Spot Lighting to Give Your Home Life After Dark

Spot lighting is a landscape decor to illuminate your home and garden. When you have a home or landscape design that is nice, adding spot lighting increases the beauty of your exterior view. You have solar and wired spot lighting. To achieve maximum light and length of illumination, you need to wire your outside for spot lighting. Use solar spots for smaller areas.

Home Storage

Water Hyacinth Home Storage Baskets for Easy Organization

There is all kinds of items you need to store. Let’s take the home office for example. You need to store printer paper, envelops, empty folders, and other items. An option to consider is decorative water hyacinth baskets that store and stack easily on shelves for ready access.


Bamboo Floors: Catch the Style and Beauty of a Poplular Hardwood

Bamboo flooring is one of many hardwood floors to select from. But what is nice about bamboo is the color and strength. Bamboo comes in all kinds of styles. It is great for flooring and wall paneling. Let’s view how bamboo can work in home restoration.