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Nursery Room

Sleepy Head! Sleepy Baby! In a Beautiful Nursery Room Crib

Baby is asleep. But you want to check one more time to make sure everything is right. You note the beautiful crib as you enter the nursery. It holds your greatest treasure.


Getting Yourself Ready to Start The New Year 2018

A new year is just about to begin. Now it’s time to set your new year resolutions for 2018. What will it be? new job – home improvement – better money management – increased education. Let’s review!

Home Entry Stairway

Speaking of “Father of Time” for the Home Entry Way

Just to sit and listen to the ticks and chimes of a grandfather clock. It brings back a lot of memories whether it is from your childhood and movies.

Master Bedroom

Now Who Is Looking for a Master Bedroom With Fireplace

It is cold outside and you are tired. Would it not just be thing you need to relax the evening away. We talking about a fireplace in the master bedroom. What a relaxing way to enjoy the evening.

Home Decor

Something Different for Room Decor – Aquarium

Mommy! Can I have that fish? I promise to take real good care of it. Remember those words you spoke years ago to convince Mom to get you that fish. Now you can … a real big fish.

Christmas Time

Merry Christmas Photos From Around the World

Merry Christmas! Let’s take a tour around the world to celebrate Christmas day. So Merry Christmas from New York, Germany, Australia and more.

Christmas Time

The Soft Glowing Light From Christmas Eve Candles

It’s Christmas Eve. Time to get the candles for the eve lighting. Bask your home in reverence with beautiful Christmas Eve candles.

Laundry/Mud Room

Manage Your Laundry With Laundry Room Shelves and Cabinets

Any laundry room has a lot of supplies that include laundry soap, stain removal, drying sheets, and more. Assemble and organize your supplies with nicely designed laundry room shelves and cabinets.

Play/Exercise Area

Converting Your Attic or Basement Into A Kid’s Playroom

Foster the imagination of your children by giving them their own kids playroom. It could become an activity center, a school room, a play area and much more. Use your imagination to create something fun.

Christmas Time

Celebrating the Christmas Nativity and Jewish Hanukkah

Look into the Christmas ornament. We are going back in time when life seemed a bit simpler. It is Christmas time in our fantasy Christmas village from days gone by.


Now Who Wants a Master Bathroom With a Bath Vanity

Bathroom cabinets (or vanities) play an important decor piece for most master and large bathrooms. They become the centerpiece of many bathrooms with nice designs and functionality to give your bathroom a nice look.


When You Need Kitchen Remodeling Contractors To Do It Right!

In this “Photo Remodeling” module, you can review kitchen services and installation.

Christmas Time

Creating a Miniature Christmas Village for the Holidays

Remember the days long past with miniature villages and train sets decorating the department store. You don’t see them much today. But you can create your own miniature village.

Exterior Home

Take Care of the Outside Using Exterior Home Contractors

In this “Photo Remodeling” module, you can review exterior home services and installation.

Christmas Time

Hear the Jingle? Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

You better watch out … you better not cry … better not pout … I’m telling you why! Santa Claus is coming to town!

Garden Lighting

Lighting The Way Through Your Garden With Pathway Lighting

You have a path through the garden. May lead to the house or patio. Light it up with pathway lighting. Select the style of light that will give your garden the look it needs.

Christmas Time

Christmas Fantasy: Once There Was a Christmas Village

Look into the Christmas ornament. We are going back in time when life seemed a bit simpler. It is Christmas time in our fantasy Christmas village from days gone by.

Ponds & Fountains

Backyard Pond with a Simple Waterfall

If you have a pond in your backyard, consider adding a waterfall or other moving water feature. It gives your pond its unique feature with beautiful scenery, sound and a better eco system.

Roof & Gutters

Using Professional Roof Contractors for Your Roofing Services

Understanding roof technology with DYI information and services.

Porch Systems

Rocking Time Away With a Comfortable Porch Chair

A nice way to spend a lazy afternoon is on your porch rocking away. There are so many types of porch rocking chairs that are perfect for reading or chatting. Add some iced-tea and you are all set.