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Walking Into a Room and Noticing an Elegant Floor Lamp

Imaging walking into a room and commanding your home manager to turn on the floor lamp. Then instruct it to swivel so you can read from a favorite chair. That is the beauty of floor lamps.

Sun Room

Converting Your Patio Into to Sun Room

Who wouldn’t like to have a sunroom? Especially for those cool mornings with a nice cup of coffee. How about converting your patio or deck into an enclosed sunroom? You can enjoy the patio as always but with temperature control and insect free environment.


How About a Modern Living Room Style

There are all types of living room styles – but how about a modern living room style for the next few years? You can have fun with lighting, paint color and much more. Let’s take a look!


Does Your Garage Door Look Sexy?

Garage doors take up a large surface area of the exterior home. If it is a plain stylish garage door, then it may be a distraction. How about replacing your door with something more stylish. Match it with the exterior decor of the home.

Guest Bedroom

When You Need a Spare “Folding” Bed

Your family coming to stay for the weekend. That is great news. But where are they going to sleep. Get smart! Just shop some folding bed options. You can store them in a closet or other and then fold them out as needed to make a comfortable bed for sleeping.

Garden Furniture

Relaxing The Summer Afternoon in Garden Hammock

It’s a summer afternoon and it would be perfect to take your favorite book and relax away. That is when you setup your garden hammock. Jump in and swing the afternoon away.

Exterior Decor

Adding Some Colorful Shutters For Exterior Home Decor

Okay! Let’s make your home stand out from all of the rest. Try attaching some colorful window shutters to add a distinct look to your exterior home. Let’s review why!

Play/Exercise Area

What Home Exercise Can You Do … and Where?

It is nice being part of a fitness center. But times don’t allow you to go given the scheduled and distance. That is when a home exercise room is handy. You can quickly jump into exercise before exiting the home for work.

Holiday Events

Honoring Our Presidents

Mt. Rushmore with 4 historical presidents. Can you name them (from left-to-right)?

Country/Farm Kitchen

Country Dining in Your Country-Styled Kitchen

Country dining – what does that mean? It means decorating your country-styled kitchen with beautiful country dining tables. They can be simple, and yet ornate and stylish.

Laundry/Mud Room

A Mud Room Shoe Shelf to Keep the Mud Out

Shoes … shoes … shoes. They are everywhere. Big shoes … small shoes … medium shoes. Shoes for sports … shoes for play … shoes for work. So get them organized and looking neat.

Home Storage

Sport Storage and Organization Racks

Looking for a place to store your sport activity items? Well, these items won’t fit inside a box. You need rather some storage organizational units to hold and secure your sporting items.

Swimming Pools

Above Ground Pools Can Add To Your Landscaping

You would love to have a swimming pool in your backyard. But it is not in the budget. How about an above ground pool. It would look really nice surrounded by a deck and landscaping.


Happy Valentines Day – Did You Say I Love You?

Happy Valentine’s Day – did you say I love you to your family members and close friends? Valentines is a day to express your love and appreciation to those who are close.


So You Decide to Find Bathroom Remodeling Experts

In this “Photo Remodeling” module, you can review bathroom services and installation.


Kitchen Island As Part of Kitchen Renovation

Why install a kitchen island? Because it makes your kitchen work area more accessible. Plus kitchen islands are attractive. And they can be used as sit-up counter space.


Attic Vents To Keep Your Attic Cool and Ventilated

Let’s turn that attic space into an attic living room area. A place where you can escape that is far away from everyone. You own secluded palace.

Holiday Events

Jump Over to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

New Orleans celebrates Mardi gras with parades and other festivities starting early January – February. But the big celebration is this coming Tuesday, February 13 – better know as Fat Tuesday.

Ponds & Fountains

Small Garden Fountains

Small garden fountains don’t require professional service contractors to enjoy. You can simply install them in your landscaping plan to give you the beauty and sound of a garden fountain.

Holiday Events

To Mine and Yours Valentine on This Special Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Consider doing something special for your valentine. Some ideas include decorating up the home. Let’s view some ideas.