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Garden Planting

Time To Start Your Vegetable Garden

It’s time! Time to plan and start your backyard vegetable garden. Make is a project for the entire family. It is a good skill set to know. And an appreciate to gain when the harvest comes in.

Kitchen Accessories

Cooking With Organized Spoons

Organized spoon holders is a smart idea for any serious cook. Cooking spoons and any other cooking utensil are all within reach when you need it.

Walls and Ceiling

Adding Some Tuscany To Your Room

What is Tuscan colors? It is the warm colors that grace the Tuscany landscape in Italy. These same colors can embrace your walls to give you that Tuscany look inside your home.

Country/Farm Kitchen Vintage Decor

A Touch of Class With a Vintage Kitchen Faucet

If you have a country-styled kitchen, then you will probably want a vintage styled kitchen faucet. The creative designs will enhance your kitchen look.


Using Fireplace Tools for Decor and …

So you have a nice fire roaring up in your wood fireplace. So how do you manage the fire? Simple! Just have handy your decorative fireplace tools.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Using Garden Gnomes to Define a Yard Personality

You have a nice, landscaped yard. So what can you do to add some personality? A favorite of gardeners is the garden gnome. You can strategically place it to compliment any garden setting.

Driveways & Walkways

Putting In a Brick Walkway

What kind of walkway for you home and garden? How about a brick walkway? You can get varied colors and designs to get the creative look you want.

Doors and Windows

Understanding the Varying Types of Windows

Do you know your window types? Casement vs. double-hung. Portrait vs. bow windows. There are so many varieties and styles that you can choose. Let’s break them down.

Walls and Ceiling

Professionals in Wall & Ceiling Everything

Complete contractor guide for everything walls & ceiling. View image pics and resource information.

Green Home

The Case For Conservation Friendly Construction

With the population ever growing, this means that the construction of residential and commercial properties is encroaching more and more into wildlife habitats, affecting how animals are able to live.

Home Entry Stairway

Make Your Staircase Useful

What is under your staircase that is leading from a lower to upper floor? Just empty space ! Well how about making this space useful?


Making Your Attic Space a Playground of Sorts

The attic is a room that doesn’t get much attention – unless taking down or up the holiday decorations. But now, you can make your attic space valuable. Turn it into an attic playground.

Green Home

Intro for Green Cleaning Infographic

Nothing can beat the beautiful, fresh smell of a clean house. Walking in the door to the smell of lemons and fresh linen is like no other.

Holiday Events

Emancipation Day

Today is Emancipation Day; celebrated exclusively in the District of Columbia (Washington DC). It was on April 16, 1862 that President Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act.

Garden Planting

Understanding the Kinds of Shade Trees

As we enter spring and ready for summer, you may want to plant a new tree for your landscape. The question is what type – let’s give brief introduction with image links to key trees.


Looking for a Bathroom Faucet

Looking for simple and inexpensive remodeling change? How about changing out your bathroom faucets. It won’t be expensive – something you could do – and it will transform the look of your bathroom.


Adding a Wooden Garden Fence

A nicely design wooden garden fence adds to any landscaping plan. It accents the home and garden – and provides a boundary and/or fencing options that may be needed.

Nursery Room

Comforting a Sleeping Baby

An infant is now part your home. Where should they sleep? The first place is likely a bassinet. A mobile sleeping unit that keeps baby close to you.


Wine & Food Chart

It can be a challenge picking the right wine beverage for your prepared meal. Should it be white wine or red – for fish or beef – or just simply cheese and snacks.

Garden Furniture

Planning An Outside Dinner

It is a beautiful evening. Why not bring your dining outside? Well first, you need to have outdoor dining set for you and family. What style and kind should you get?