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Ponds & Fountains

Taking Care of a Fish Pond

Show me your fish pond! A common request you get when mentioned that you have one. They are a nice addition to any garden landscape. But they do require care.

Kitchen Accessories

Canning Your Garden Harvest For Year-Round Enjoyment

You hope to have a bountiful harvest from fruit and vegetable garden. But what do you do with the bounty? That is when you get into canning your harvest for a 6-12 month shelf life. Delicious food that you can enjoy until the next harvest.

Garden Planting

Time To Plant Your Flower Garden

May is the season when you plant your flower garden. It may be in garden beds, containers or designated areas with both perennials and annuals.

Roof & Gutters

Home Gutter Protection

Gutters are important for home protection and preservation. But these gutters get clogged with leaves and other debris. That is when gutter guards come into play.

Home Office

Modern Looking Home Office

Need to setup a home office for those permitted days you can work from home? Let’s have some fun! Why not style your work area with a modern, looking workstation and decor?


Planning a Basement Bedroom in Your Remodeling Plans

It is nice to have a guest room when company visits – a place where they can have privacy. One of the best spots is guest bedroom in the basement. A room they can call their own as they visit.

HVAC & Utilities

Summer Coming – Keeping It Cool

Portable air conditioning units are great options to have to cool a room area. You can move them from one room to another as needed. Turn it on and off as needed.


Back Yards With Beautifully Landscaped Garden Sheds

Remember when you were a kid playing outside in your imaginary tree or playhouse. Make those imaginations come true with your own playhouse for your kids to play in.

Kitchen Accessories

I Neeeed to Organize My Cooking Spices

You need a spice for a special meal you are preparing. But where can you find the spice in a disorganized cabinet? That is where a spice rack comes into play. Keeps everything organized and accessible.