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Laundry/Mud Room

Using Stackable Laundry Appliances To Save Space

Some laundry room areas are just not big enough to hold a side-by-side washer and dryer. So that is when you use stackable laundry appliances for those tight places.

Powder Room

Design Ideas For A Small Bathroom

Many homes have a small bathroom or powder room. Minimum space for creative thinking. But there are some small bathroom design ideas to consider.

Porch Systems

Decorating for a Summer Porch

Summer is in it’s final month. Fall is just around the corner. So why display summer porch ideas? Because it is never too late to plan for next summer.

Doors and Windows

Interior Home Doors – Should They Be White or Something Else?

Take a look at your interior home doors. Are they a little drab? Maybe you need to change them up. Perhaps a different color or style. Let’s take a look!

Kitchen Accessories

Selecting Creative Kitchen Counter Appliances

Kitchen appliances – some of the best ones our countertop appliances. And many of these appliances help out much when you are preparing meals in the kitchen.

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 6-Month

Your infant turns 6 months old – it is going fast. So what to expect? Review this 6 month infant care guide to see how your baby development is going.

Swimming Pools

Some Ideas If Looking for Luxury Swimming Pools

Want to go for a swim? Then let’s try out my own, luxury swimming pool. Those are the words you would like to say. Because a luxury pool means a nice, entertaining swim.

Home Office

Home Office Decor to Increase Productivity

Working at home? What decor can you add to increase productivity? Let’s take a look at some ideas that can be easily implemented to your home office.

Recreation Room

Making Room for Your Home Bar

Guests are coming over. What can you do for pre-dinner entertainment? You can invite them to join you into a drink at your beautifully installed home bar.


Enjoying Your Down Time In a Rocking Chair

Rock-a-bye Baby! Oh!, that was in the good days way back when your mother rocked you to sleep. Now it’s time to rock yourself to sleep with your own, comfortable rocking chair.

Garden Lighting

Letting Your Garden Shine

Coming home late at night and there it is. You beautiful garden all lit up. That is where landscape lighting comes into the scene … nicely positioned to give your yard n’ garden the illuminated look it deserves.

Exterior Decor

Styling Your Outside Home With Exterior Moldings and Trim

It’s probably something you don’t think about much when assembling a home remodeling plan. But if you want to highlight the outside look of your home, you got to think about home exterior decor features such as moldings and trim.


Styling a Loft Bedroom

Loft bedrooms are great for older teenage before they head off to college. It gives them privacy, but more importantly, the ability to create their personal style.

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 5-Month

At 5 months, the baby’s motor skills are improving fast. Some of the motor skills include rolling over one-way, grasping and smile spontaneously.

Garden Furniture

Enjoying Your Living Space Outside On a Garden Sofa

So you are inviting friends over for the weekend for a night out on the patio. Give them full comfort with plush garden sofas. They will certainly enjoy their stay!

Walls and Ceiling

Geometric Thinking for Wall Paper

You have an abundance of wallpaper styles. It is hard to choose what style works for your wall. So speaking of styles, how about a geometric style with lots of color.

Child/Teen Bedroom

Creative Design for a Teen or Loft Bedroom

So you have a teenager – but not for long. Before you know, they will be off-to-college. So give them the final years at home their own creative bedroom design.

Dining Area

When You Need a Kitchen Table

Sometimes the kitchen table is more desirable than a regular kitchen counter. It gives you the closeness you want when dining with family or friends.

Seasonal Remarks

Hot August – The Last Full Month of Summer

Today is the 12th of August – almost mid-month. Let’s review some August pics as we bring to close the last full month of summer.


Classic Leather Furniture for Living and Family Room Areas

Looking for furniture for living or family room area? Let’s go with classic-looking leather furniture. You won’t be disappointed.