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Living/Family Room

For That Contemporary Living Room Look

Why use the contemporary living room look? Because is blends the modern and classic styles together to give you a softer, rounder look in your furniture and decor.

Porch Systems

Reviewing Some Front Porch Ideas – If You Have One

Say your home is blessed with a large front porch. Question: what should for decoration? Let’s review some front porch ideas to get your creative juices rolling!

July 4 Celebration

The 4th of July is Coming Up! How About Celebrating It Small?

We need to review what small town American is doing for July 4th. Let’s pick out some of the best small town July 4th celebrations that you may want to visit this holiday.

Nursery Room

Baby Coming! – So Let’s Get the Nursery Room Ready

A baby arrival is coming! Congrats! So how would you like to decorate the nursery room? May we suggest decorating it as a nursery/toddler room? Something your baby can grow into.


Wall Mounted Bath Sink – Another Decor Option

Have you thought about using a wall mounted bathroom sink? If you have small bathroom, the wall mount sink can open up some space.


What To Do With Attic Space: Convert Into an Attic Guest Bedroom

Having an attic guest bedroom will be a coveted room for everyone. Add some skylights and everyone will want to sleep the night under the stars … especially your guests.

Home Decor

photo image analysis: Indoor House Trees for Bold Decor

Want to do something bold in your home decor? How about an indoor house tree? There are a number indoor trees that will lift the decor in any room.

Holiday Events

The Summer Solstice – First Day of Summer

Today is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the longest day of the year. Time to get ready for summer fun and summer heat.

Decks & Patios

Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space in Style

Landscaping hardscapes are perfect for outdoor living. Use them for fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, ponds and fountains. Some sample pics below.

Green Home

What Will Roof Solar Panels Look Like On My House?

There is talk – and push – to become more self energy efficient. Solar roof panels is one option that can help you achieve that. But do these solar panels look nice on your roof? You may find that these panels take away the aesthetic look of your home.

Dining Area

Adding a Breakfast Nook for those Breakfast Moments

Imagine having a breakfast nook! A small eating area where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and danish. Just make sure your breakfast nook is big enough to add your favorite friend.

July 4 Celebration

Finding Your July 4th Celebrations – Historical Corridor

Some ideas for the celebrating the July 4th holiday season. Travel the July 4th historical corridor. Visiting places where the actual July 4th was brought about.

Sun Room

You Could Have Room or Better Yet, A Home Atrium

What the benefits of an home atrium? Beauty – natural lighting – watching plants grow and bloom – add to the psychological benefits of plants.

Holiday Events

Getting Ready for Flag Day

Today is flag day – and what follows is Independence Day. So getting ready flag day means displaying your flag in commemoration of these special holidays.

Kitchen Accessories

Let’s Have Some Seafood Tonight

Okay!, we are going cook seafood tonight. We have many varying options to select from. Would you like shrimp – lobster – crab – or maybe a nice salmon steak.

Recreation Room

What’s in the Basement – How About a Basement Music Room

Always wondering what to do with you basement space. There are plenty of good ideas. But have you thought of building a music room studio. Who knows, you might develop a hit song.

July 4 Celebration

Places to Go for the July 4th Celebrations – Secondary Cities

We think of places like Boston, New York, DC, LA when it comes to big July 4th celebrations. But maybe it’s time to visit some secondary cities for July 4th. Let’s take a look at some.


Surround Metal Fireplaces – View From All Angles

There are fireplaces … and then there are fireplaces. We are going to review metal fireplaces with 360-degree views and suspending flutes.


What Kind of Flooring for Your Bathroom Upgrade

Bathroom flooring – what type? Tile – wood – carpet – laminate – sheet vinyl. Maybe wood slats. Let’s take review some options below.

Utility Needs

Got To Do “Spring” Cleaning

Welcome spring! Now it’s time for spring cleaning. Put your gloves on, turn up the music, and get going. It will make your home more please to live in.