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Holiday Events

Good-Bye August and the Hot Summer

It’s time to say good-bye to August and the hot summer days. Looking forward to some cool, fall nights. It’s nothing new. So let’s take some time to plan for next summer – where you can fully enjoy the summer heat.

Driveways & Walkways

If You Can Have One – Then Have One – An Elegant Walkway

Let’s take a look at hardscape walkways and home entry. An elegant look on bringing style your home.

Holiday Events

The Labor Day Holiday – One Final Summer Getaway

The Labor Day Holiday – it is just a few days away. It is the final summer weekend getaway for the year. Have you made your holiday travel plans yet?

Home Entry Stairway

Creating a Stairway That Will Impress Yourself

You need to have stairs to get from one floor to another. So why not have a creative staircase. Something that you impress you and your friends.

Dining Area

What Kind of Style for the Dining Room

You may have moved into a new home that has a dining room area. Or maybe it’s time to change out your existing dining room set. Let’s look at some ideas. Welcome aboard!

Swimming Pools

Putting in a Swimming Pool – Let’s Decide Pool Hardscaping Ideas

What is pool hardscape? It is the material that is used to surround the pool – plus any other landscaping that merges the pool with the patio. The material may include cement, tile or best yet, stone.

Garden Planting

Time for the Harvest – Gathering It In for Production

The harvest. It is starting up all over the country for food items we take for granted. The grape – corn – wheat and more. Let’s review (in photos) what comes out our gardens and food production farms.

Home Theater

Enjoying Your “Movies” in Your TV Viewing Room

Just give me a simple TV viewing room – a place where I can watch TV at anytime. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Maybe add some audio speakers if you like. But just keep it simple.


Small Garden Landscaping Ideas

Not much you can do with a small back yard. Right? Not correct! With some creative thinking, you can transform your small yard into a beautiful garden paradise.

Recreation Room

Other Than Dog or Cat, What Other House Pets to Consider

Your family wants a pet. Most likely it will be dog or a cat. But maybe there some other house pets that may be a more interesting options. Let’s review.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Time for the Scarecrow to Go Up – Just Before Harvest

The garden harvest is just about to begin. It’s now time for the scarecrow to go up – for harvest (most definitely) and possible bird control (unlikely).

Analysis Recreation Room

photo image analysis: Playing Cards On Your New Game Table

It’s time to play a game of cards with friends or family. So what better place to play than at a dedicated game table with comfortable chairs and setup.

Kitchen Accessories

Inside the Kitchen: Items That Help You Cook (part 2)

You are working off a recipe. Everything is now prepared. It’s now time to turn to some kitchenwares that will get the cooking job done.


Adding a Pergola For Garden Decor or Shade

Imaging having a nice pergola over your deck or patio area. It provides you some shade and makes your deck/patio and other garden are look great.

Garden Lighting

Solar Garden Lighting When Wired Lighting Is Too Expensive

You would love to bathe your yard and home in lighting during the night, but it requires expensive setup and wiring. Have you consider using solar garden light – the technology may surprise you.


Decorating Your (sub)Urban Garden

You may think that landscaping a small urban garden is not worth the time. But we some creative thinking, you can build a garden oasis that will make you proud of your urban lifestyle.

Home Den Library

What Is In Your Home Aquarium – Fish or Something Else

first “photo remodeling” image copyright image by Pixabay Looking inside your home aquarium Notes: Having and maintaining a home aquarium is both a hobby and decor piece that you can

Laundry/Mud Room

Making Mud Room Cabinets

If you are coming into the home from the outside, your first stop must be the mudroom. A staging area to remove your shoes and other unclean items before tracking the “outside” into our clean home.

Child/Teen Bedroom

Adding Something Neat for Your Child Bedroom

For your living room, you might want to be formal and elegant. But for your young child’s bedroom, let’s be creative! They will love you for it.

Walls and Ceiling

What To Do With Your Walls – Some Creative Wall Decor

Your interior walls are your canvas – an area where you can be creative. So what kind of wall decor are you thinking of creating?