photos: 4 Steps in Executing Custom Home Renovations

4 Steps in Executing Custom Home Renovations

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  • You deserve to live in a home that's perfectly suited to your needs.

    While there's plenty of guidance available for some renovation jobs, you might feel like you're on your own when it comes to those custom projects that can make your current home into your dream home.

    If you want to be successful in executing those projects, though, you might want to follow the steps below.

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custom home renovations

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Look at the scope of the project


  • Even custom renovation projects that seem simple can actually turn out to be very complex. A complex project isn’t necessarily a problem, though, if you know what you are getting into from the very beginning.
  • Make sure that you understand the full scope of your project and exactly what you’re going to have to do – and how much it’s likely to cost – before you get started.
  • This means getting a proper estimate on hours of work that would need to be done and factoring in the cost of labor. Bigger projects also mean shutting down the area of your home around the renovation.
  • So if you’re looking at renovating the kitchen, consider moving the microwave to another room and getting a temporary setup so you can still have your renovation and eat, too.
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custom home renovations

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Work with a professional


  • A major custom renovation is not a DIY project. While you can – and possibly even should – do some of the work yourself, you will want professional help and guidance, and their expert hand on the more risky parts.
  • Make sure to check with home renovation designers in New Jersey to determine whether your plan is feasible, what you’re going to need to do to be successful, and how they can help you to realize your dream.
  • If your renovation plan is going to impact the structure of your home or come into contact with any wiring or plumbing, it’s best that you leave that entirely to the professionals to avoid causing lasting damage to your home’s functionality that would just cost more to fix later.
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custom home renovations

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Get an Estimate on materials


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custom home renovations

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Have a solid goal


  • Finally, make sure that you have a solid final goal of what you’re going to create. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for most people who attempt a custom renovation is feature creep.
  • If you want to stay on budget and actually accomplish your original goal, you’ve got to set limits on yourself at the beginning. More changes can come later – for now, just take care of your initial design goals.
    A custom renovation is much more feasible if you have a plan, get the right help, and know your limits. Don’t try to tackle it on your own and certainly don’t try to do too much at once. Make the changes you need to make in order to enjoy your home and then move on from there.
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