ideas: 5 Amazing DIY Tips for a Home Office Setup

5 Amazing DIY Tips for a Home Office Setup

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  • Are you ready to create a professional and cozy home office setup on a low budget?

    You'll be happy to learn that this is more than possible. Home offices are important in order to stay productive and to separate that important boundary between your work life and your home life.

    Read on for our top five amazing DIY tips for your home office setup that you can get started on today!

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home office setup

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1. Find Inspiration


  • Before you even get started, it’s important that you have some pieces of inspiration so you’ll know what direction you’ll want to go in.
  • It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re browsing online catalogs or DIY tutorials. You’ll want to do everything and purchase far more items than you actually need!
  • Use sites such as Pinterest or Instagram and create boards and collections to save everything that catches your eye. After a day or so, look back at your collections and write down any common themes that you find. 
  • For instance, you may find that many of the images you save have a similar color scheme. Perhaps they all include plants or velvet upholstered chairs. The point isn’t to copy a look exactly but to draw from the common themes you enjoy. 
  • However, you’ll need to remember that these photos are staged to look their best–not to feel the most comfortable. Instead of that stylish clear plastic chair that you love so much, for instance, consider purchasing a comfier office chair that’s actually meant to be sat in for several hours each day.
  • What do you see in the photo:
    • —   hanging robe swing for placing of decor
    • —   wired wall rack for attaching notes and reminders
    • —   varying art pieces with relection and inspirational thinking
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    65 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity
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home office setup

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2. Comfort First


  • Always go by this rule when it comes to your office – comfort first, design second. Remind yourself that you’re designing your office to work in, not to photograph.
  • Splurge on items that will make your life easier, such as a comfy office chair or a desk that enables you to change its height.
  • You’ll find that height matters in many cases. The height of your computer screen should be even or lower than your eye level, as this will reduce eye fatigue. Likewise, the height of your chair should be just enough that your feet can lay flat on the floor. 
  • Finally, consider purchasing a cordless keyboard so that you can adjust it–your forearms need to be parallel with the floor. All of these seemingly minute adjustments will make your work life that much easier. 
    Are Standing Desks Really Healthier? 8 Things You Should Know
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3. Add Some Green


  • The easiest and most cost-effective way to decorate your office is with greenery. Not only do plants add bright, vibrant color to your office space easily, they also have a number of benefits that people can often take for granted. 
  • For instance, NASA found many positive outcomes of keeping plants indoors. According to their Clean Air study, certain plants are removing chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, and more from the air.
  • Some of these plants that NASA recommends include:
    • —   Snake plant
    • —   Peace Lily
    • —   Broadleaf lady palm
    • —   English ivy
    • —   Red-edged dracaena 
  • A 2014 study also found that indoor plants helped increase productivity by up to 15 percent. And although this doesn’t have to do with indoor plants, a 2010 study published in the Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine journal found that people who walked in forests had lower blood pressure than those who didn’t.
  • This tells you that nature plays a significant role in our health. Decorating with little pieces of nature around your office could increase your productivity, decrease your stress. It also helps that plants are also nice to look at!
    8 Healthy Benefits of Indoor Plants, According to Horticulture Experts
  • snake plantpeace lilybroadleaf palmenglish ivyred-edged dracaena

       some of the houseplants noted above to consider      

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home office setup

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4. Vertical and Horizontal Storage


  • Many of us don’t have the luxury to have large home offices. Either we’re using a small guest or spare bedroom or even converting sections of our living rooms into offices.
  • This means that square footage and storage space is precious, so it’s important to remember that you can organize vertically as well as horizontally.
  • If you tend to stack papers, get separate baskets for each different kind of pile. Remember that you can’t fit everything on top of your desk, so utilize drawer organizers, bookshelves, and floating shelves in order to keep everything organized as well as out of the way. 
  • Even if you have mounds of paper that you need to access frequently, consider investing in vertical file folders to put them again. You can then put those file folders on shelves above your desk so they can act as decoration as well as a practical storage place. 
    22 Space Saving Ideas for Small Home Office Storage
  • weathered storage lockerfile cabinetsoffice wall organizer

       some office organization ideas to consider      

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5. Lots of Light


  • Last but certainly not least, one of the most important aspects of a good home office is good light, no matter the time of day. If you’re lucky enough to have an office with a window, consider using sheer window treatments as well as heavy curtains so that you can choose the amount of light you’re getting depending on the hour and what direction your room is facing. 
  • If you don’t have an office with windows, invest in multiple forms of light so that it’s layered and you have a variety of choices during the day, from task lighting to overhead lighting. 
  • Light is also important if you frequently need to have virtual meetings with colleagues. And if you need more tips on virtual meetings, learn how to Facetime on Mac
  • PERFECT HOME OFFICE SETUP FOR YOUThe perfect home office setup is much less daunting when you know all the right steps. You want to have some initial inspiration and a vision for your finished office space, but you also want to focus on making it as comfortable and practical as possible.
  • Instead of wasting money on fancy decor items that you’ll no doubt gather in time, focus instead on decorating with plants if your office has sunlight. Ready for more ways to transform your home? Keep reading our blog for more tips and tricks!
  • ceiling recessed lightingceiling spot lightsdesk lamps

       some home office lighting ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    your ideas for a home office setup

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