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ideas: 5 Fall Office Decor Ideas Your Staff Will Love

5 Fall Office Decor Ideas Your Staff Will Love

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  • Are you ready for the first signs of fall? The leaves changing, a chill in the air, or even the fall decor being put for sale at your favorite store are all signs that fall is right around the corner.

    What is the best way to welcome this magnificent season with open arms? By decorating your office with the best fall office decor, of course!

    Decorating your office with fall decor is a great way to make your staff excited, motivated, and just spread a good sense of cheer throughout the office.

    Keep reading for our guide to five of the cutest fall office decor ideas that your staff will be sure to love this upcoming season.

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fall office decor ideas

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1. Start with your desk


  • What better place to start decorating your office space for fall than your very own desk? There are tons of different types of decorations you can use to help bring your desk to life for the fall season.
  • One thing that we really love using for our desk decor is live plants! A live plant on your desk will provide you better air quality while you work which can also help to keep you from getting sick. Plus live plants can even help reduce your stress levels which is exactly what you want when you’re in a hectic or crazy work environment and trying to get lots of tasks done.
  • What type of desk plants really help to bring out the fall vibes? The spider plant and snake plant both will look perfect on your desk especially if you put them in the right type of pot for fall. They’re also very low maintenance and will be easy to take care of!
  • Another great way to incorporate fall decor and plants into your desk decor is by sprinkling or hanging leaves along the side of your desk! Leaves are a great fall accessory and will look perfect anyway that you put them on your desk.
    3 Reasons You Need a Live Plant in Your Office
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fall office decor ideas

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2. Utilize wall space


  • The next place that you should focus on when looking for fall office decor ideas is to focus on the walls in your office. There are plenty of different things that you can hang on the walls to completely transform your office into an autumnal wonderland.
  • Wreaths are one of the biggest things that can totally change the way a space looks and they’re perfect for fall time! An orange, red, and yellow wreath filled with pumpkins, branches, or leaves will totally work to incorporate your fall theme.
  • The best thing about wreaths is that it can work for you if you’re trying to learn how to make office decor yourself. There are plenty of do it yourself wreaths that will look perfect on the walls of your office.
  • Your coworkers will love making them with you or they will just appreciate the fact that you took time to make them and hang them around the office!
    12 Fall Wreaths You Can DIY
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fall office decor ideas

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3. Decorate any and all tables


  • Another place that you will want to utilize when it comes to autumn office decor is any tables that you may have within your office. One big holiday that comes around fall time is Halloween which is usually celebrated with lots of candy.
  • Candy dishes are perfect for passing out candy to get everyone in the holiday spirit but they’re also a great decor tool for tables in your office. Especially if you have end tables in a lobby then they’re perfect to give customers a sweet treat as they’re passing through.
  • On the other hand, you can also use candle holders on tables in your office as centerpieces. Of course, candles usually aren’t permitted to be lit within an office setting but they make beautiful decorations and very much will fit your fall theme.
  • Find candle holders that have lots of dark colors such as mossy greens, maroons, or even oranges. These colors are very neutral but will look really nice within an office setting.

    If you’re looking for a bit of help when decorating your office space, then you should check out this certified interior decorator. She will find the best way to compliment your space and make it feel just like your own even within your office.

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fall office decor ideas

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4. Door decorating contest


  • If you’re trying to do your office decor on a budget, then you shouldn’t be the only one decorating for the upcoming season. Hosting a door decorating contest is the perfect way to get everyone to participate in decorating the office together on a budget.
  • There are plenty of different ways to decorate each office door. Let your imagination run wild when thinking of ways to decorate your office door.
  • Whether you want to make a big fall tree, incorporate owls, pumpkins, or even run with a scary theme. The possibilities are endless for door decorating contests!
  • You can either buy a big prize for the door decorating contest winner or just let them have bragging rights until you decide to run a new contest!
    24 Fall Door Decorations for the Most Festive Autumn Curb Appeal
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fall office decor ideas

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5. Don’t forget the breakroom


  • There is one more place that you and your staff spend a lot of time and that is your office breakroom. Make sure to have a lot of fun decorating this space as this is where you all spend your free time at work.
  • Tablecloths can go a long way when it comes to decorations! Be sure to find a cute one that will put a smile on your staff’s face when they sit down to eat their lunch.
  • You can also switch out any containers that you would normally keep utensils or napkins in for fall-themed ones. Making DIY orange glittery mason jars can hold forks, knives, and spoons. They’re the perfect fall decoration that you can make yourself.
  • Fall Office Decor to Transform Your Office

    Decorating your space with fall office decor is a great way to get everyone in good spirits when they come to work. No one likes seeing a boring or plain office every single day. This is why decorating with seasonal decor is a must to spice up your space!

  • Our website focuses on home improvements, remodeling, and especially redecorating, so if this is something that you’re passionate about, then we definitely have just the thing for you. Be sure to browse through a few more of our blog posts for more decorating tips!
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       some breakroom ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    decorating your office or home office for the upcoming fall season.

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