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Walls and Ceiling

Wall Murals To Liven Up Every Room of Your Home

Imagine walking into a room and finding an eye-catching wall mural that speaks boldness. Introducing the “7 Wonders of the Wall” by Murals Wallpaper.

Walls and Ceiling

Why Peel and Stick Wallpaper Should Be Your New Favorite Thing

With everyone being stuck indoors for the later part of 2020 and the foreseeable future in 2021, many people are starting to go a little stir crazy. Being trapped inside has created more than a bit of a spike in home renovation projects.

Walls and Ceiling

Decorating Your Walls … Creatively

You have a wall to decorate. So where do you begin? Let’s start by view some ideas and styles for “decorating your wall”.

Walls and Ceiling

Geometric Thinking for Wall Paper

You have an abundance of wallpaper styles. It is hard to choose what style works for your wall. So speaking of styles, how about a geometric style with lots of color.

Walls and Ceiling

Decorating Your Walls with the Color “Sage”

The color sage. Popular in kitchens, bathroom and living areas. It is a warm color with many varying shades that blend nicely with other colors to give you the perfect contrast.

Walls and Ceiling

Professionals in Wall & Ceiling Everything

Complete contractor guide for everything walls & ceiling. View image pics and resource information.

Walls and Ceiling

Marble For The Walls – In Paper

Marbled styled murals. Bringing luxury back into your home. Let’s take a look at the styles and colors.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Decorating Your Outside Walls With Wall Decor

You may have a bare wall outside that needs decorating. Something that brings that wall alive. Consider using some creative garden wall decor items. Some ideas are highlighted below.

Walls and Ceiling

Bringing the Zodiac Constellations Inside

Do you know the zodiac constellation? Can you map it out when you are out at night? Why not bring the zodiac constellation inside using these decorative wall murals.

Home Decor

Interior Design Trends You’ll See Almost Everywhere

As we all continued to spend more time in our homes in 2021, it was all about merging elegance and function. Innovations like self-cleaning bidets made bathrooms seem more luxury, while rooms packed with geometric decorations provided us something intriguing to look at every day.

Interior Rooms & Decor

Using Organic Shapes In Interior Design

Want to add some warmth to a harsh, modern space? Why not consider incorporating organic shapes into your design? The rounded, circular borders of these curvilinear pieces imitate the shapes found in natural items such as leaves, plants, and animals.

Child/Teen Bedroom

Innovative Ways To Update Kids’ Rooms on a Budget

Growing up could mean different things for children—revamping their wardrobes, taking on more responsibilities at home, or evolving through phases of changing interests. However, one thing is for sure: as kids change, so do their rooms, and sometimes updating and renovating a room can rack up unexpected costs.