ideas: Adding a Pergola For Garden Decor or Shade

Adding a Pergola For Garden Decor or Shade

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Dedicated section with sun and shade


  • This image illustrates an nice patio layout for both dining and entertaining.
  • The featured piece is the pergola over the dining area.
  • It provides both sun and shade as family members and friends enjoy a summer meal on the patio.
  • But it’s the decorative pergola that adds to the overall patio and landscaping design.
  • Multi-sectional setup The image shows a dining set on the top level under the patio eave – another second dining set on the second level – and again the third dining set under the pergola. We have to assume that this gives the household options when it comes to dining – especially if the weather changes.
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Covering or adding to the deck


  • Let’s do this – imagine that the pergola in the image was removed – in other words, visualize that the pergola is not part of the deck.
  • Now what would the deck area look like with the pergola removed? Pretty bland and simple.
  • You can now see how a pergola not only adds shade for the deck but more importantly, it adds beauty and style.
  • Using light Note the pergola post cap – it has a lighting feature that illuminates the pergola and deck. A nice touch.


    pergola lightingdeck lighting

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Pergolas add protection … and light


  • You can cover your pergola with a sheeting that allows light to penetrate through.
  • This is perfect for rain protection when you have nice patio furniture outside.
  • It protects the furniture from downpours and yet allows the sunlight to penetrate through to brighten up the patio area.
  • Some climates are wet And it tough to protect your cooking appliances and furniture from the rain. So perhaps a pergola with a clear roof sheeting bcome s the answer. It avoid having to cover the grill and other cooking appliance each time there is a threat of rain.


    corrugated sheetspatio sofa set

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Pergolas as verandas and walkways


  • Pergolas are excellant choices for verandas and over walkways.
  • The Spanish are famous for this use of veranda – sometimes decorating it with vines and other floral plants.
  • It offers your own “Garden of Eden” that can be attached to any sections of the home.
  • It takes time For such beautiful growth to adorn a pergola. Just make sure you find the right vine or bush that can survive the winter.


    garden pots and planterspergola planters

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For relaxing by the pool


  • Swimming pergola – just what you need to relax by the pool.
  • When the sun gets too bright or too hot, you can duck inside without going inside.
  • Pergolas – a nice option for swimming and everything outdoors.
  • As you rinse off Note the swimming pool showers along the backside. The pergola is perfect for protection. It shields you from harsh sun rays as you wash off the sunscreen prior to finishing up your swim.
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