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Thanksgiving Decor

It Wouldn’t Be a Holiday Without the Thanksgiving Turkey

first “photo remodeling” image copyright image by Pixabay Majestic turkey … Notes: It’s Thanksgiving week … time for turkey and all the good stuffing and side dishes. Question is, what


Collecting and Building a Vintage Garage

You like working on your cars … all kind of cars. So it’s time to convert your garage into a vintage garage to give you the feel of old fashion auto repair.

Thanksgiving Decor

Celebrating the Thanksgiving Harvest

The Thanksgiving holiday in next week. Celebrate the holiday with Thanksgiving harvest decor. After all, it is a thanksgiving for the bounty we have.

Vintage Decor

Riding a Vintage Rocking Horse

Another vintage decor item – the vintage rocking horse for nursery or den. A nice item that will spark conversation. and not to mention an item that will look great.


Deciding Kitchen Flooring

So what is the best kitchen flooring option? There is laminate, wood, tile, or maybe totally different.

Home Storage

Having Your Own Home Wine Cellar

What would be that one room you would love to have if you can make it work? It is your own personal wine cellar room.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Keeping Time Outdoors with Decorative Sun Dial

Need a great decor idea your garden? How about a stately looking sun dial! It keeps time outside plus gives you a nice decorative look for your landscape design.


Honoring Our WWII Vets on This Veterans Day

Today we honor our Vets – those we sacrificed much in preserving our freedoms and nation. In this series, we honor those who fought in World War II.


Greenhouse Planting During the Winter

Oh!, the cold months of winter. What to do? If you had a backyard greenhouse, you could get you planting ready for spring.

Home Entry Stairway

Spiral Staircase for That Creative Home Look

Imagine walking into your home and something just pops out. That would be a spiral staircase. Let’s take a view.

Vintage Decor

Antique Clocks for Wall and Mantel

Looking to do some collections that would look great as home decor? Then consider antique clocks. They great in any room.


Getting Ready for Winter: Wood Stacking

Winter is coming! Now is the time to collect and stack your winter wood. Can you stack it properly and creatively?

Home Decor

Room Decor on a Simple Budget

Sometimes we want to keep it simple in home design and decor. Let’s view some ideas on simple decorations that can work for the simplistic view.

Home Theater

Setting Up a Simple Home Theater System

It’s time to setup you own home theater room? Question is how? You have 4 key components – the projector and screen (or TV monitor), entertainment connections, surround system, and comfortable seating. Let’s get going!

Roof & Gutters

Signs That You Need A New Roof

It may be hard for any homeowner to figure out whether to repair their roof. If you are thinking about repairing or replacing your roof, it is advisable to look at the roof and spot any signs of roof damage.

Garden Furniture

Being Comfortable Sitting Outside

It is beautiful outside. You need to sit outside and enjoy the day. What you need is a comfortable patio sofa or chair. Let’s view some ideas.

Halloween Decor

Bring In The Scary Clowns … Maybe Not … Except for Halloween!

Here come the clowns … oh no! Scary clowns. They make great costume decorations for Halloween but not for any other time.

Halloween Decor

Pumpkin Display for the Holidays

The season is here – Halloween and Thanksgiving. So what better way to celebrate the season with creative pumpkin display.

Style Kitchens

The Beauty of Granite Countertops

If you have to choose a kitchen countertop, what would it be? You want to take a look at granite kitchen countertops.

Halloween Decor

It’s Halloween Week – Time to Decorate

It’s Halloween time. You need to get your front yard and entryway decorated. You can make is scary, creative or something that will be a surprise.