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The Best Fencing for Different Residential Areas

There are many good reasons to add a new fence to your home: curb appeal, property value, and privacy. The trick is choosing the right kind of fence.


Renovating Old Home? 4 Bathroom Remodel Essentials to Consider

If you live in a residence that’s on the older side, you don’t have to settle for what feels like the status quo. That’s because renovating older homes is often a lot simpler than people even realize.


Using the Color Light Rose in Furniture Decor

What color sofa are your thinking? Probably something that is very neutral. But have you consider something that has some color that works great with other colors?

Kitchen Accessories

Now Are We Having That Turkey for Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is coming up! So will it be turkey or something else? Let’s stick with turkey and understand the cuts and recipe ideas.

Green Home

photo image analysis: Building a Smart Energy Free Home

How would you like your home to become totally self energy efficient? That doesn’t mean living off the grid, but rather producing your own energy where grid costs come down to zero. Let’s explore further!


Tips for Installing a Fireplace in Your Home

A fireplace can be a great addition to your home. It provides light, heat, and beauty that can make a house feel like a home, especially during these cold winter months. Here are some of the more pertinent tips that will come in handy when you’re looking to install a fireplace.


How to Find the Ideal Tile for Your Kitchen Remodel

When you want to remodel your home’s kitchen, there are several areas that traditionally require tiles, including the countertops, backsplash and floors. Finding the ideal tiles for your kitchen remodel may seem challenging, but there are tips from experts to make the process of selecting the materials easier. Here are four tips for choosing the best tiles for your kitchen.

Remodeling Ideas

6 Winter Home Improvement Projects

Most people tend to renovate their homes in the spring or summer. It makes sense: warm weather and sunny days are optimal and for any DIY home project.

Remodeling Ideas

Modern Day Home: 4 Upgrades You Should Think About

There are so many upgrades that you can do on your home, but many are just cosmetic in nature. While it’s nice to have a new look, they don’t get down to the root of the problem. If you want to modernize your home, here are some of the more meaningful upgrades that you can complete.

Doors and Windows

When Should You Replace Your Windows?

There are window companies who act as if replacing your windows is as simple and cheap as replacing your drapes. In reality, window replacement is expensive and time consuming.

Holiday Events

Salute to Our Veterans – Wherever They May Be

Veterans Day is tomorrow, November 11. It’s the one day of the year we honor those who have served in the armed forces. No matter when or how they served. We salute you!

Exterior Home

4 Upgrades That Can Transform the Look of Your Home Exterior

We have all been taught throughout our lives that it is what’s on the inside that counts. We can all agree with that, with the exception of your home. The exterior part of your home certainly is equally as important as its interior. Improving curb appeal is known to increase your property’s value in case you are looking to sell it in the future.

HVAC & Utilities

Maintaining Clean, Ventilated Air For Your Home

Is the air your breathe in your home clean? Or is it stale air that can increase allergies and illness? Clean the air you breathe with home air purifying systems and filters.

Decks & Patios

Backyard Firepit for Sitting Around the Fire

Friends are coming. Let’s all gather around the backyard firepit. A place to enjoy conversation and perhaps have a roasted marshmallow.


Enjoying Breakfast or a Book With a Window Seat

It’s a beautiful morning! How about eating a light breakfast with your favorite book as you watch the rising of the seasonal sun. You can with a comfortable window seat that allows for a front row view.

Decks & Patios

Concrete or Brick – How About Patio Stone Flooring?

Need to put in a patio. Considering stone flooring. It is very durable. And easy to clean up. Something that will add very nicely to your patio look.


How To Renovate Your Kitchen Beautifully Yet Economically

When you are renovate your kitchen, you likely only have so much money to work with. You cannot spend every dollar you have saved to make a nice new kitchen, but you can renovate the kitchen in a way that will stun everyone who comes over.

Halloween Fun

The Headless Horseman – Perfect Happy Halloween Story

It’s Halloween – are your ready for the ghouls that will be lurching out tonight for those tricks or treats? One ghoul you might see – if you look faintly down the road – might be the headless horseman. Do tell!

Interior Rooms & Decor

How to Make Your Home Feel Bigger in Four Easy Steps

For many homeowners, space is a hot commodity that’s often hard to come by. Whether it’s a side effect of too little room or too much clutter, many homeowners often begin to feel claustrophobic in their own homes. These tips on how to make your home feel bigger will help you make the most of your space.

Halloween Fun

photo image analysis: Halloween House – Some Decoration Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching – time to decorate your porch for trick ‘r treat. We have two ideas – one that is festive; the other that is scary. Which idea will you select for this Halloween?