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Garage Wall Decor (for Storing Items)

Your garage wall is a great place to store garden tools, shovels, auto parts, and other garage related needs. You just need to have the right storage racks to do the job and to keep it organized.

Sun Room

photo image analysis: All-Season Sunroom Design and Decor

Why would you like to have a year-round sunroom? It’s a room where you can enjoy the outdoors without the pesky elements of insects, rain, and unpleasant temperatures. It is your personal garden within the home.

HVAC & Utilities

When You Need to Heat Only One Room

It’s cold in the house. Turn up the furnace! But wait! If you occupying just one room, why not close it off and use a portable (space) heater to warm you up.


Making Home Repairs – Need to Some Electrical Wiring

It would be nice to understand how your home wiring works. That way you can install new lighting, switches and more. But make sure your do it correctly. You want to avoid injury – but also a home fire because of faulty wiring.


Bathroom Mirrors – In All Kind of Styles and Shapes

Have you looked at your bathroom mirrors lately? Most likely every day. But have you considered replacing your mirrors with something different.


Kitchen Cabinet Pantry: Part of the Kitchen Design

Every kitchen needs a pantry to house can food, cereal bags, bake mixes, oils, etc. Question is what kind of design – a closet pantry or a pantry cabinet.

Child/Teen Bedroom

Decorating a Boys Bedroom

So you have a young boy at home nearing the teenage years. He would like to decorate his own room. Let’s help him out with some boy bedroom design ideas.

Home Den Library

photo image analysis: Decorating a Home Den/Seating Area

Let’s analyze how you might decorate a home den/library. A room to sit and enjoy conversation and/or reading. Let’s analyze together this pic idea – gives you something to consider for your home den.

Play/Exercise Area

Having Your Own Private Home Gym

So how do you setup your private home gym? Yes, you need the exercise machines. But also some other stuff to motivate you in the morning to exercise.


Round Fireplace Units for Warmth and Style

It’s cold outside! Wouldn’t it be nice to sit by a nice fireplace on a winter evening? A round fireplace in the middle of the room offers a beautiful setting – and the warmth you need for a cold winter night.

Living/Family Room

Living Room Style – Take 3 (Modern Look)

Welcome to 2019! Now let’s get decorating starting with the living room area. How about something new like a modern looking living room style?

Home Office

Modern Workstation with Computer and Work Area

Working at home as telecommuter? You need a modern workstation that has room for you computer, telephone and work area.


Outdoor Basketball Court – Driveway Style

Let’s go play some ball – that is what you want to hear your kids say. So outside they go to pick up a game with your newly installed, driveway basketball system.


Why a Continued Flooded Basement

The last you need is a basement flood. It does so much damage and takes a lot of energy to clean it up. So what can you do to prevent it?


What’s in the Basement: A Personal Basement Food Store

Having your personal home storage room in the basement is a must if you are looking to save money and to protect your family from an unfortunate storm or disaster that may come your way.

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 11-Month

With this 11 month infant guide, you should have a strong and fast crawler. They will be standing more without aid. Repeating more words in speech.

Utility Needs

Making Home Repairs – Let’s Talk Plumbing and Water Management

DYI plumbing – perhaps on some of the smaller plumbing problems. But to tackle the major issues, maybe a professional plumber will do.

Holiday Decor

Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year. We hope it will be a prosperous new year. Maybe it will be the year for a new home remodeling project such as your kitchen, bath or yard.

Doors and Windows

Storm Doors to Protect Against …

Storm doors have become very fashionable with decorative glass and design. And they are nice to let the sun shine in without letting critters in.

Home Decor

Using a Crystal Vase for Expression

Looking to express yourself? Then you need to pick up a crystal vase. It is the perfect glass piece for home decor and table serve ware. Brings out the feelings you want to express.