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photo image analysis: If You Must Have an Nice Aquarium – Make It Big

first “photo remodeling” image copyright image by What do you see in the image above? Notes: If only: imagine having an aquarium of this magnitude in your home –


How to Remodel a Kitchen On a Budget and Save Money

Starting a remodeling job in your home may seem like a gargantuan task that will cost thousands of dollars, but it doesn’t have to be. Use some of these tips on your project and don’t stress yourself or bank account.

Garden Furniture

Nice Weather – So Let’s Relax In Your Swing Chair

Do you have a garden swing chair … something that swings lazily from your favorite tree. Just perfect to sit and relax on a nice summer day.


Using Wood Flooring – For This Room and That Room

Wood flooring – it is the king of flooring – in our opinion. It just look great in every room of the home.

Garden Planting

Time for the Corn Harvest – An Important Meal Source for the World

Those corn stalks are high – is it time to pick the corn? Depends on the corn type. Most corn harvests are for corn byproducts such as animal feed and biofuel.

Decks & Patios

Floating Decks – Beautiful Concept to Enhance Your Landscape Look

Have you consider using a floating deck in your landscape design? It can be a beautiful concept that can enhance your yard look and use.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Using Garden Metal Art for Yard Decoration

You want something rustic looking for your yard – something that can take the weather and still look good after the season. That something is metal art ornaments for the yard and garden.

Home Storage

photo image analysis: Organizing Your Garage Work Space

You have tools – screws – tape – and all kinds of workbench items. Everything is scattered around. Time to use some garage organization to put everything in place.


Sitting Up to Eat – Some Countertop Ideas in Kitchen Design

Want to make a quick and inexpensive change to your kitchen? Then change-out your kitchen counter stools! Get something that is different and interesting looking.

Garden Planting

Getting Ready for the Apple Harvest – And the Fruit Thereafter

Fall is coming … and with it is the apple harvest. So what can the apple become once it’s picked and processed.

Green Home

Hydroponic Gardening – An Illustration of How

The future of farming – or in your case, vegetable gardening. We are speaking of hydroponic gardening. Some illustrations on how this works.


8 Signs You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump

Surprisingly, many homeowners don’t realize when they need to invest in a new sump pump. We mention eight obvious signs you need to replace your sump pump.


Where Would Carpet Flooring Look (Work) Best?

Should your room have carpet or hardwood flooring? That depends on the room. For bedrooms – carpet; for living areas – carpet or hardwood. Let’s explore carpet further?

Ponds & Fountains

Some Interesting Pond Landscaping Ideas

So you are thinking of putting in a pond for the backyard. Any ideas on what kind of pond? Let’s review some pond landscaping ideas that you can consider

Home Theater

Popcorn Machine For The Home Theater Room

Okay!, you have setup a home theater room with surround sound and plush theater seating. What is missing? Your home theater popcorn machine. Popping the corn just like they do at the movies.


Using Arc Lamps to Illuminate Room and Area

You need a nice lighting lamp for reading – but don’t want just a table lamp or hanging ceiling light. Your next best option is a floor ach lamp. Some ideas!


Kitchen Tile Flooring – Better or Not Better Than Wood

Are you planning your kitchen remodel? You need to define specs for kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, pantry, etc. But also for flooring! How about tile flooring for the kitchen?

Green Home

10 Natural Remedies to Keep Your Home Bug-Free

When it comes to selling your home, appearance matters. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint and a new set of sheets can take your showing to the next level and make the home more valuable.

Swimming Pools

Some Swimming Pool Additions You May Want to Consider

So your have a backyard swimming pool. Do you need to spruce it up to make it exciting again? Some of these swimming pool additions that may do the trick.


Simple Basement Bedrooms for the Extra Kids and Space

You have a few kids in the home – and they would like to have their own bedroom. The basement is the perfect space to wall up to setup 2-3 bedroom with a bathroom. You kids will thank you for it.