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Structural Projects

Do It Yourself Plumbing Tips To Save You Money

Plumbing tips for your home are very important because they can change the way that you manage water flow, how you keep your family safe, and how you avoid any leaks.

Garden Planting

Understanding Perennial and Annual Flower Plantings

Many first-time gardeners have a question about types of flowers. So start by understanding perennial and annual flowers and how to use them in landscaping.

Decks & Patios

Deck Design: Stylish Additions for Increased Aesthetic Appeal

Get ahead of the spring planting and construction season with a new deck design. Adding outdoor living space can make your home look beautiful while adding equity you can use later if necessary. We talk about five popular styles of decks, and how these designs can make your house a home where everyone wants to gather.


Welcome Spring … It’s About Time

Today is the first day of spring – starting at 5:58PM (EST). What a welcome sign after cooler than normal winter. Hopefully it can start warming up!

Walls and Ceiling

Idea Concepts for Some Interesting Walls

Turn a boring wall into something interesting with these wall idea concepts. There are kits that you can use with paint or look for some creative wallpaper.


It is Almost Holland Tulip Time

This happens to be one of the best times of the year. That’s when tulips come of full bloom in Holland. Let’s take a look at the Dutch tulip landscape to welcome in the Spring!

Holiday Decor

St. Patrick’s Day – Is it Irish Luck or Something Else?

This is the day to grab some Irish luck. All I need is to capture a Leprechaun to take me to his pot of gold. Or maybe I just need to enjoy the festivities.

Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) – the     White Shasta Daisy

The shasta daisy is one of the most popular flower plantings for garden. It blooms nice in the summer sun and can spread with seedlings.

Decks & Patios

photo image analysis: Porch/Deck Combo

Here is a great idea for small homes that can add value. A combo porch and deck area with privacy landscape that will give you a great setup for entertaining and dining.

Roof & Gutters

Inspecting the Roof – How Often Should You?

A leaky, broken, or damaged roof can be a costly and timely expense to homeowners. A simple, routine check of your roof could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Kitchen Accessories

Inside the Kitchen: Items That Help Your Cook (part 1)

So you love to cook. And there are some kitchen items that can help. What’s needed is organization so you can use the items as and when you need them.

Attic Bath

Hiding Away In Your Attic Bathroom

You have come home after a long, tired day at work. You need to get away to relax the stress away. Then let’s go up into the attic to hide away in your personal attic bathroom.

Country/Farm Kitchen

Going for the Rustic Cabin Kitchen Design

Kitchen are all the same. So let’s do something different in kitchen remodeling design. How about a rustic-styled kitchen? This would go great with your backwoods cabin. You can have a lot of fun in style and decor. It might be worth it.

Holiday Decor

Here We Go Again – Time to Change Your Clocks Forward

It’s time to move your clocks forward 1 hour. Daylight saving time officially begins on Sunday, March 10. So be prepared to lose another hour of sleep.

Home Decor

photo image analysis: Decorating a Room for That Elegant Look

Let’s take time to discuss decorating a room – one of the easiest and hardest things to do. Most everything needs to match. In this analysis, we are going to take a look at a formal setting – matching the room decor with the painted wall.

Walls and Ceiling

wall color paint sample Let’s Go With Something Green

Have you considered the color green for your bedroom or other interior room? Green can to tough to work with – but adding some shade to the color can brighten up any room.

Doors and Windows

French Doors Instead Of A ???

Why french doors? Because they can be used to separate two rooms instead of using a wall. It opens up the house and allows more light in. A great alternative to boxed-in homes.


For Your Dining Area – Let’s Look at Modern Dining Lighting

You need to light up your dining room area. So what kind of style? How about the modern dining look? It might be something to consider.


Adding a Garden Water Well a Vintage Landscape Look

You have heard of wishing and flower wells, but what about a read garden well? A well just like the days of old. Wouldn’t that make a nice garden decor piece?

Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Wall Clock Helps Keep Time When You Cook

What time is it? That is always the question when preparing a meal or eating. Consider getting a large kitchen wall clock for those need-to-know time.


photo image analysis: Attic Living Area

How do you use your attic space? Do you use it for storage and some of your spouse’s junk? How about converting part of your attic into a living area? You can make it really creative – since it is your hideaway. So let’s begin by viewing this pic image to see how you might design your attic space.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Design

If you could install a swimming pool in your backyard this summer, what pool design would you use? It all depends on the budget. But if you want your swimming pool to add value, design it correctly.

Master Bedroom

Design Concepts for Small Master Bedroom

So you have small master bedroom area. Just enough room to put your queen size bed frame. So how should you design your small space to make it look spacious?

Holiday Decor

Mardi Gras From Around the World

Celebrating Mardi Gras from around the world. We begin in New Orleans and then head south to Mexico and Rio de Janeiro. Fat Tuesday in next week.

Driveways & Walkways

Making a Statement with Exterior Stone Look

It’s time to elevate the value of your home up as it relates to your exterior home design. Need to consider stone hardscapes for walkway, fencing and patio floor.