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Utility Needs

Declutter Your Home In 21 Days – Infographic

Clutter can really ruin the appearance of a home. Often clutter can build up without us realizing and it’s so easy to do when we’re busy with work and other commitments.

Laundry/Mud Room

photo image analysis: Another Laundry Room – This Time with Utility

Converting one of your rooms as your laundry room area might be too much of a sacrifice if the room area is large. But you can combine this area into a laundry room and utility room for household management. Let’s analyze how.


Undermount Bathroom Sinks – Still Very Popular

So you need a new bathroom sink in your bath remodeling project? There are several sinks to choose from – let’s consider the undermount bathroom sink.

Ponds & Fountains

Decorative Edging Stone to Border Your Pond

A beautiful pond in the backyard needs one key landscaping design. Decorate your pond with decorative pond rock to border and surround the pond landscaping.

Kitchen Accessories

Cooking With Chicken – One of the Favorites for Best Consumption

What’s for dinner tonight? How about chicken? Do you want fried chicken – rotisserie chicken – chicken wings – grilled chicken breasts – or …..

Interior Rooms & Decor

The Colour Psychology of Spring (Infographic)

Looking to give your home a designer edge? The colour psychology approach is a highly effective way of giving your interiors a polished effect that enhances the atmosphere and personality of a space.


photo image analysis: Basement Guest Bedroom

The family is coming for the weekend – or maybe there is a local event where someone needs a place to rent. A basement guest bedroom would be perfect.

Interior Rooms & Decor

Interior Home Design – Summer Great Time to Re-Decorate

Spring/Summer is the perfect time to redo our interior home design. It could be something simple like redecorating; or something big by replacing furniture.

Yard and Garden

Getting Ready for Your Summer Yard – Landscaping Plan

Summer is coming – time to re-do bathroom with a new design and function. It is something you have been planning for a long time. Now it is time!

Exterior Home

Getting Ready for Summer: Improving the Curb Appeal

Take a moment and walk out to the street curb to look at home. Do you like what you see? Maybe you should plan the summer for improving the curb appeal.


1/3rd of Your Life Is In the Bedroom – Time for Makeover – A Summer Renovation

When you spend so much time in your bedroom – wouldn’t it be nice you have the perfect room for sleep. Maybe it’s time for bedroom makeove this summer.


Let’s Re-Do the Bathroom: Another Summer Renovation Plan

Summer is coming – time to re-do bathroom with a new design and function. It is something you have been planning for a long time. Now it is time!


Summer Renovation Planning: Let’s Start With the Kitchen

Early summer is the best time to start and finish a home renovation project. Good weather allows you to get the project done without much interruption. The question is what kind of renovation?

Interior Rooms & Decor

For the Coming Summer – Home Renovation Planning

Summer is fast approaching – now is the time to plan your summer renovation project. Let’s start with understanding the renovation steps and ideas.


photo image analysis: What to Put In the Attic Bonus Room

Your attic doesn’t need to be wasted space? Or even just space for storage. How about converting the attic into a study/playroom area. A place where your kids can play and learn.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Building a Bird Paradise In Your Backyard

Imaging having a bird paradise in your backyard. Hearing the bird songs – viewing the different colors – and identifying birds of all types. It makes for fun entertainment for everyone in the family.

Home Theater

Big Screen TV On The Wall – Make It Look Stylish

You can setup a simple home theater in your living or family room. You simply need to attach your monitor TV to the wall with some creative wiring.


Something Different for the Interior – Ethanol Fireplace Units

There you are – sitting next to a fire that is making you totally relaxed. But this fire is an ethanol fire – sitting atop a table or placed upon the floor. Come and let’s view some samples.


Lighting Review: Something Interesting Pendant Lighting

There are all kinds of pendant lighting. Many you can buy online or via retail. Or something that is interesting and creative. Maybe something DYI. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) –      Vinca

The nice thing about vinca is that the flower can take a very hot summer day and remain colorful and virbrant. Drought tolerant too. Perfect bedding flower.

Laundry/Mud Room

photo image analysis: Do You Have a Mudroom?

Mudrooms! The must-need room in many new home constructions. But what about your home now? Can or should you convert your back entrance into a stage mudroom? And why?

Doors and Windows

Why Not Renovate a Sunny Room to Keep It Bright

You just need more natural light. Something that will brighten up the kitchen or other interior room. Then you need large picture windows. Brings in natural light and an outside view.


Not Just a Toilet … But a Stylish Toilet

Maybe something you don’t think about much. But someday you will need to replace or upgrade your toilet. Question is what kind of style?

HVAC & Utilities

Infographic: Reducing Heat Loss in Your Home

How often have you sat at home wrapped in a cardigan or sweater and still felt a bitter cold seeping into your bones? You might wonder how your home could be so cold all the time, but a quick walkthrough of the property may reveal several sources of preventable heat loss.

Country/Farm Kitchen

Feeling a Little Country … Country Kitchen That Is!

Got some country kitchen feeling. Nice choice. It’s simple in design with a welcome home feeling. Something to consider in your kitchen remodeling plan.