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Garden Planting

Understanding the Kinds of Shade Trees

As we enter spring and ready for summer, you may want to plant a new tree for your landscape. The question is what type – let’s give brief introduction with image links to key trees.


Looking for a Bathroom Faucet

Looking for simple and inexpensive remodeling change? How about changing out your bathroom faucets. It won’t be expensive – something you could do – and it will transform the look of your bathroom.


Adding a Wooden Garden Fence

A nicely design wooden garden fence adds to any landscaping plan. It accents the home and garden – and provides a boundary and/or fencing options that may be needed.

Nursery Room

Comforting a Sleeping Baby

An infant is now part your home. Where should they sleep? The first place is likely a bassinet. A mobile sleeping unit that keeps baby close to you.


Wine & Food Chart

It can be a challenge picking the right wine beverage for your prepared meal. Should it be white wine or red – for fish or beef – or just simply cheese and snacks.

Garden Furniture

Planning An Outside Dinner

It is a beautiful evening. Why not bring your dining outside? Well first, you need to have outdoor dining set for you and family. What style and kind should you get?

Laundry/Mud Room

Designing Your Mud Room Cabinetry Storage

The kids have been playing outside. Your oldest son returns from a dirty service project. What are you going to do to avoid bringing the dirty shoes and clothes into the home?

HVAC & Utilities

Keeping Your Home Free From Spring Allergens

Spring is underway – and with it comes the many allergens from budding trees and plants.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Adding to the Garden With Post Lighting

Did you know that some decorative post lighting can add to your landscaping design? It brings lighting to your yard that can be creative and bold.


The Creative Style of Lamp Tables

Walk into any living room and you will notice a decorative lamp table. They range is size and styles that can make any room look dazzling.

Recreation Room

Playing Las Vegas at Home

You love to play the game of poker with friends and family. So how about getting a poker table to give the feel of “Las Vegas” in the home.

Decks & Patios

It’s Time To Plan For Your Patio Kitchen This Summer

It is bright and sunny outside. Somewhat irritating to relax with a good book. That is when you open up your patio umbrella. It shades you from the bright sunlight so you can read, eat and relax.

Child/Teen Bedroom

What the Teen Wants – A Simple Bedroom Design

What teenagers always want – their personal and private bedroom. So let’s make it simple and easy to tidy up. Some creative designs and layouts that they will love.

Easter Season

Happy Easter Morning!

Happy Easter Morning! A day to celebrate the renewal of life and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout Christianity.

Holiday Events

April Fools Day … Don’t Get Tricked

It’s April Fools Day – Tomorrow. Are you going to get tricked?

Holiday Events

Celebrating Passover – Begins Nightfall Today

Passover begins at nightful today – the celebration of the “pass over” as explained in the Old Testament (Exodus 12). Jewish families worldwide will have a traditional feast honoring the holiday.

Walls and Ceiling

Marble For The Walls – In Paper

Marbled styled murals. Bringing luxury back into your home. Let’s take a look at the styles and colors.

Kitchen Accessories

Managing Your Kitchen Napkins

Get the napkins and place them on the table. But wait! Where is you kitchen napkin holder? They will keep all of the napkins neatly organized.


Designing a Rock Studded Fireplace

Let’s be bold regarding interior home fireplace design. How about designing a rock layered fireplace mantel and chimney shoot? Let’s take a peek!


Bringing the Look of London Into Your Home

London calling! That is the Victorian tile effect being displayed below that is unique to London. It is a nice collection of styled flooring ideas for home or office.