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Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) –      Geraniums

copyright image by Pixabay 1 | Pixabay 2 What to know about geraniums – Notes: Light:  full sun    –    Height:  6-12 inches; 1-3 feet    –    Season:  spring, summer, fall, with some winter blooms

Automation & Security

There is a Tornado Storm Warning – What’s Next

Dark clouds ahead – could it mean a tornado? Depends where you are. But if you live within tornado alley, dark clouds ahead may mean you need to seek shelter.

Kitchen Accessories

Understanding Pork – Looking At The Different Cuts and Cooking

Understanding pork – where does it come from – the different pork butcher cuts – and how to cook pork to enjoy each different cut.

Easter Season

Decorating Your Easter Egg!

Happy Easter! Do you have your Easter eggs all ready for the season? How about taking some time this year to really decorate an egg. Something that will be special for the celebration.


photo image analysis: Setting Up a Small Garden

So you have a small backyard – not much room to do anything except a couple of chairs on a patchy lawn. So why not turn you small backyard into an elegant oasis. It will become the favorite place to be.

Living/Family Room

Going Minimalist for Your Living Room Design

Have you tried the minimalist look for your living room? It means designing is something simple, with minimal decor. It not only looks great, but easier to keep tidy.


Looking On What Can Be Put In the Basement

The basement is a big area space that can be utilized in multiple ways. So let’s take a look at the many different ways you can use your basement space. Remodeling your basement can add value to your home.

Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) –      Petunia

The hardy petunia is one of gardeners’ favorite flowers. It grows in many zones and spreads like wild fire. And the colors are all over the place.

Automation & Security

What To Do In the Unlikely Event of an Earthquake

Earthquakes! Not a fun event to be in. And they can strike suddenly without any warning. Question is what can you do to prepare for an earthquake?


April Showers Bring May Flowers … and More!

April showers bring May flowers. And it can be one of the beautiful seasons of the year. So let’s take a look of those magical flowers that pop up early.


For Your Next Shower, Make It Frameless

Imagine your new shower with a frameless shower door. It is very nice looking and easy to keep clean. So let’s view some ideas for your next shower makeover.

Home Entry Stairway

Spiral Staircase Kits for Getting Upstairs

You would love to go to from the bedroom to the attic – or maybe from the kitchen to the second floor. Consider using a spiral staircase kit. It can be easily setup without a major renovation.


Having A Garage Auto Pit for Everything Auto Care

Imagine having your own auto repair shop in your home garage. Do oil changes – check for inspections – make repairs. What would be even better is an garage auto pit to help you do the work.

Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) – the     Sunpatiens

Need a bedding flower that will bloom all season long with full colors? Then you need to look at the colorful sunpatiens. They thrive in sunny conditions.


Tips to Upgrade or Repair Your Roof Without Overspending

If you think it’s time to upgrade your roof but you are looking to do so on a budget, there are plenty of things that you can do to reduce the cost of the upgrade. Let’s review some of the key tips that you may want to implement in order to ensure that you are not overspending.

Child/Teen Bedroom

photo image analysis: Bedroom Design for Your Teenager

What to do with your teenager to make them smile? How about a new bedroom design that they will just love. Let’s see if it might work!

Garden Planting

Landscaping With Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are a great addition to any garden and landscaping design. They come in varied color schemes with beautiful plumes or flowers.


When You Need to Exercise – Let’s Head Up to the Attic

Imagine having an attic fitness room. An area where you can store all of your equipment and mats. Add a television and water fountain – it will be the envy of your neighbors.

Kitchen Accessories

Understanding Beef – Stuff to Know About Selection and Cooking

Understanding beef! What are the butcher cuts and the different pieces of meat. And how to best cook each butcher cut.

Child/Teen Bedroom

Toddler/Teen Wall Blackboard Bedroom For Keeping on Task

Toddler soon to become a teen. You know what that means? It’s keeping them on task where they note schedules, dates and assignments. That’s where a wall blackboard comes in handy.


photo image analysis: Large Kitchen With Dining Table

You have two choices when designing your kitchen area: 1) you can design it with a kitchen island and sit-up counter or, 2) dispense with the counter and instead have a large kitchen table. Let’s analyze!

Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) – the     Colorful Gerber Daisy

The gerber daisy is one of most popular cut flower. It grows well outside and blooms for entire season with beautiful colors.


Get Back to Work … Down Into the Basement Home Office

You need to have your personal home office area – a place to work when you are home. A place to manage the home and bill paying. So how about setting up the home office in the basement.

Swimming Pools

Building a Backyard Pool? 4 Nifty Additions

Swimming pools are among the most popular recreational features for homeowners today. Whether it’s an in-ground or above-ground pool, kids and adults alike love to splash around in the cool water on a hot day.


A Palace For a Good Friend

My dog is my best friend. So for him/her, we are going to give them a beautiful dog house. Something that will nice in the back yard that he/she can call home.