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Exterior Home

Need Some Work Done Outside on Your Exterior Home

Have you inspected your roof lately? Or how about your exterior siding? Is your driveway holding up? These are questions that may need some work done on the outside.

Halloween Fun

Are You Becoming A Vampire (for Halloween)?

Are you a vampire (meaning that will become your costume for his Halloween)? The vampire is one Halloween’s favorite costume for adults. But what is the vampire?


Successful Furniture Shopping Tips for Everyone

You can make home improvements by replacing your furniture. Buy what kind of furniture? And what tips can tips can be provided that makes for a successful furniture find?

Home Storage

photo image analysis: Building a Functional Pantry Storage

Food storage! That is smart home management in the event of any economic or natural disaster. Having a stocked pantry storage system can help you rotate and mange stored food.

Vintage Decor

How Old Stuff Can Be Recycled for Home Decor

Whenever you think of home décor, what comes to mind? Like most people, you might be thinking that you need to acquire some expensive stuff to make your home cool. Well, it doesn’t have to be costly.

Decks & Patios

Let’s Take Our Cooking Outside

Okay, you have waited long enough. Now is the time to plan for next summer. We are speaking about building an outdoor kitchen area. Let’s get going.


The 8-Bit Art in Vinyl Flooring – For Kid’s Room and Bathroom

The kid’s bathroom needs flooring. So does the laundry utility room.

So you need something stylish that is water resistant. Any ideas???


Bathroom Upgrades That Add an Element of Luxury

You don’t have to live in a big fancy home to have an element of luxury. Add beauty and luxury to your bathroom by simply incorporating a few home improvement ideas.

Halloween Fun

Where Did Pumpkins Come From (Just In Time for Halloween)

Halloween without pumpkins is … well, not Halloween. You need to have pumpkins. But where did the pumpkin come from …along with the Jack o’ Lantern?

Green Home

How to Use a Remodel to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Any property update should be making the right steps towards being more energy efficient, both for your bank balance and the environment.

Structural Projects

Apps for Home Improvement Projects – Infographic

It’s so great to have a skill or capability to home improve. Not everyone can do this so when you can, you should be proud of the work you do.

Garden Furniture

Summer Clearance – Time to Get Your Deck Dining Set

It’s nice to eat outside on your deck or patio. But the dining table just doesn’t look great. With fall in full swing, now is the time to look for summer clearance sales on deck dining sets.

Halloween Fun

What Do You Know About Witches for Halloween?

It’s that time of year again when the Halloween witches come out to play. All for fun of course. But what do you know about witches and where did they come from? And do they exist today?

Garden Planting

5 Landscaping Plants to Make Your Front Yard Pop

Plants are a wonderful addition to any yard, and there are certain vibrantly colorful plants that are guaranteed to make your yard look outstanding. Choosing the right shrubs and trees to enhance your outdoor style ensures that you’ll enjoy your yard’s splendid magnificence for years to come.


photo image analysis: Using Your Attic Space for Something

You need to do something with your attic space – it is just wasting away with storage stuff. How about moving the stuff out and converting it into a night gazing room.

Garden Planting

Got To Get the Potato Harvest Done

It is a dusty time at the moment in parts of Idaho and Washington – two of the largest states in potato production. You know what that means with this harvest – delicious potato dishes, french fries, potato chips and much more.

Automation & Security

Bump Proof Locks – Understanding How Viable These are?

Lock bumping and picking are as old as home lock systems. If there is the old provision of lock and key, be sure that there is a probability of the same bring picked.


Time to Organize Your Garage Tools Into Something Nice

Take a look at your garage. Can you find your tools and hardware? It’s time to organize your garage tools using some neat storage units.

Exterior Home

6 Simple Changes to Improve Your House’s Appeal

Contrary to popular belief, home improvement doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can drastically enhance your home’s appeal by making subtle, simple changes as you go along.

Walls and Ceiling

What Can You Do With the Color Yellow?

Have you worked with the color yellow in your room design? It is a bright color that can bring a touch of sunshine – something your room might need.