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The Modern Look of Furniture – It is Getting Better All the Time

Modern interior room furniture Notes: Who can’t love the styles of modern furniture – especially those pieces in warm brownish colors. The table is interesting although not too functional –


Your Garage Doors Can Make a Statement

Typical American home with two wooden oak garage doors. Notes: Your garage door makes a statement whether you like of not. Since the garage entrance takes up a lot of

Master Bedroom

Now Who Is Looking for a Master Bedroom With Fireplace

Master bedroom with a marble fireplace and media center. Notes: If money is no object, a master bedroom fireplace is a great piece to have for those special winter nights.


Drafting Your Landscaping Plan

Landscape architect designing a backyard plan Notes: If you are looking to re-do your landscape, it may be worth the investment to hire a landscape architect. There are online programs


What Is In Your Attic Besides …?

Attic interior with storage shelves Notes: What is in your attic? Most of us would likely say too much junk. But some of that junk needs to be kept whether

Swimming Pools

The Option of an Above Ground Pool for the Summer Heat

Above ground pool sitting on a concrete pad in the backyard Notes: An in-ground pool may not be an option for some households – either it is too expensive or


Natural Stone Landscaping with Running Water

Natural stone landscaping with running water Notes: Natural stone landscaping is become popular in many gardens – and there is so much you can do. This landscaping is situated along


Unfurnished Living Room with Part Carpet and Wood Flooring

Unfurnished living room with part carpet and wood flooring Notes: Sample of a combination wood and carpet flooring – wood floor in the kitchen; carpet in the living room area.

Sun Room

Sun Room Dedicated to Cactus

Sun room dedicated to cactus Notes: A little different take for a sun room – this room idea functions more like a conservatory. A home conservatory is an attachment to

Driveways & Walkways

Home With a Partial Brick and Asphalt Driveway

Home with front porch and partial brick driveway Notes: Can’t decide what type of driveway to have? It all depends on cost. Brick and stone driveways are most expensive in

Play/Exercise Area

Exercise Area for Aerobic Floor Training

Exercise area for aerobic floor training Notes: You don’t need much to have an effective home exercise area. You simply need an area large enough to lay down some exercise

Yard Decor & Lighting

The Sound of Wind Chimes During a Summer Breeze

The sound of wind chimes during a summer breeze Notes: Nothing like a sweet soft sound of wind chimes during a lazy summer day. Wind chimes are a decorative piece

Living/Family Room

Modern Styled Living Room Adjacent to Sliding Glass Windows

Modern styled living room adjacent to sliding glass windows Notes: Stylish modern living room with an open view of forested hill – most likely a cabin or lake home. The

Nursery Room

Lamp Shade Decor for a Nursery Room

Lamp shade decor for a nursery room Notes: It is a lot of fun to decorate a nursery room – you can let your ideas come alive. One decor item

Roof & Gutters

The Beauty of Cedar Shingles

The beauty of cedar shingles Notes: Selecting a roofing material is a challenge that must consider a number of factors other than cost. Your neighborhood is one – the type

Guest Bedroom

Design of Modern Spare Bedroom with Large Sliding Closet

Design of modern light bedroom with a large sliding closet. Notes: It’s nice to have a spare bedroom for those special visitors that come from out of town. This design

Garden Furniture

Roof Terrace Hammock Under Pergola

Roof terrace hammock under pergola Notes: Perfect location to enjoy the outdoors if your live a city apartment building with your own roof. Note the grassy area that was planted

Decks & Patios

Wooden Deck Near Lake with Lighted Features

Wooden deck near lake with lighted features Notes: You have a beautiful, well cared for deck with sitting and lounge area. What else can you add? How about lighting up

Green Home

Solar Power Illuminated Outdoor Light at Twilight

Solar power illuminated outdoor light at twilight. Notes: Ways to save energy to make your landscaping beautiful and more green. Solar paneled lights to illuminate a driveway/walkway and other areas

Country/Farm Kitchen

A Country Log-Cabin Styled Kitchen

View log-cabin kitchen cabinets, ceiling beams and hardwood floor with red rug Notes: You find the same kitchen amenities that would be in any modern home. Note the kitchen cabinetry