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ideas: The Backyard Mosquito – Our Favorite Outdoor Pet

The Backyard Mosquito – Our Favorite Outdoor Pet

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  • Summer is a time to enjoy the outside. but watch our for the mosquito. It hovers everywhere looking for people like you to bite.

    That can make your outdoor fun unpleasant. So fight back with some mosquito control ideas below:

    • 1) why mosquitoes bite
    • 2) removing standing water
    • 3) adding some backyard prevention
    • 4) spraying the backyard
    • 5) using repellents

first “photo remodeling” idea

backyard mosquito

copyright image by envato.com

Summer time is mosquito time


  • Summers are for outdoor fun – especially if you have a nice patio or deck where you can sit and enjoy the summer evening. Summer is also time for hiking, camping, picnics, swimming, sports, night-time clubs and events. Summer is when you can enjoy everything that is outside.
  • But summer is also when mosquitoes are active – our favorite outdoor pet. Summer is mosquito breeding time; and the voracious female mosquito attacks all living mammals – including people – for the ample supply of blood they need to lay and nourish their eggs.
  • And with that blood-sucking attack comes skin outbreaks, itching, and in many areas throughout the world diseases are transported that can make people and animals very sick – diseases that include malaria, varying types of viruses, and yellow fever.
  • Let’s just say that the mosquito unfortunately can ruin your summer fun. Who wants to go hiking, take in a summer picnic, or enjoy an outdoor event when you are you being attacked by hordes of pesky mosquitoes.
    How Mosquitoes Helped Shape the Course of Human History
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second “photo remodeling” idea

backyard mosquito

copyright image by https://123rf.com/

Taking control


  • Mosquitoes need standing water in order to reproduce. The female mosquito lays it eggs after mating in standing water. In order for the eggs to develop and survive, the female nourishes the eggs prior to laying with blood that is rich in protein and and calories:
  • INFO: Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To You?
    INFO: the Mosquito life cycle
  • So your best line of defense against backyard mosquitoes has been illustrated above as the following:
    • Remove Standing Water:

      remove all types of standing water that has accumulated in your backyard. This include flower pots, buckets, tarps, tires, children toys, etc. After a rainfall or irrigation, take a walk through yard and drain anything that has standing water.

    • Protect Water Deposits:

      make sure to securely seal off all water deposits such as rain barrels, water reservoir, and any other devices where you collect water for future use.

    • Treat Ponds and Pools:

      if you have a backyard pond or pool, treat them accordingly to prevent mosquito larvae from using your water features as breeding grounds.

    • INFO: 6 Ways To Mosquito Proof Your Swimming Pool
      INFO: mosquito control solutions
    • Clean Areas:

      keep your gutters clean and free flowing to avoid standing water accumulating in your gutters. Likewise, periodically clean our your bird bath with clean water.

    How to Prevent Mosquitoes in and Around Your Home
  • outdoor bug light bulbsgutter cleaning toolsmosquito door net magnetic

       some mosquito control ideas to consider      

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third “photo remodeling” idea

backyard mosquito

copyright image by Pixabay

Enjoying your patio or deck


  • You have invested a lot of money for that backyard patio or deck – you use the area to grill, cook and entertain during the summer evenings. The last thing you want is family members and friends wanting to go inside to avoid the mosquitoes.
  • Yes, some of the preventive measures noted above will help with mosquito control. But there are other ways you can help to keep mosquitoes at bay when your are entertaining or just enjoying our backyard:
    • Mosquito Repelling Plants:

      landscaping your garden – especially around your deck or patio – with mosquito repelling plants. These plant emit a scent that mosquitoes try to avoid.

    • INFO: 12 Mosquito Repellent Plants
    • Mosquito Traps:

      you can find online mosquito traps that emit carbon dioxide – the exhale mosquitoes use to find their victims. Once they near the emitter, they are trapped to die off.

    • INFO: about mosquito traps
    • Mosquito Candles:

      you can find certain scents and oils that can help to repel mosquitoes. They are not by themselves 100% effective, but they can work with other mosquito repellents.

    • INFO: Do citronella candles really work? The answer might surprise you
    • Repellent Guards:

      repellent guards such as bug spray and clip-ons may be just the items you need when entertaining outside. Some people are very attractive to mosquitoes. So many of items listed may not work. Having a repellent spray or guard will allow everyone to enjoy the summer evening.

    How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Naturally and Reclaim Your Backyard
  • mosquito repelling plantsmosquito trapsmosquito repellent candles

       some enjoying your backyard ideas to consider      

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INFO: best natural repellents? (new win)
YOUTUBE: how mosquito traps work (new win)

fourth “photo remodeling” idea

backyard mosquito

copyright image by envato.com

Spray your backyard


  • One effective way to control the mosquito population is to spray your backyard to kill larvae and to treat mosquito breeding areas. Note that this is a chemical treatment that requires multiple applications throughout the mosquito breeding season.
  • Like any chemical spray, you need to use caution during application to protect yourself and family members and pets. Be sure to read application directions.
  • You can hire a professioner sprayer or treat your backyard yourself. Regular treatments is one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes under control.
    Should You Spray Your Yard for Mosquitoes and Ticks?
  • mosquito spraychemical sprayermosquito fumigator

       some mosquito control ideas to consider      

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fifth and last “photo remodeling” idea

backyard mosquito

copyright image by envato.com

When you go traveling


  • You can do the best to control the mosquito population in your backyard. But what about those times you travel to hike, bike, swim or entertain in areas where mosquitoes roam freely.
  • Your best line of defense are mosquito repellents and clip-ons. These sprays repell mosquitoes as your hike or do other entertainment far from the protection of your backyard. These sprays along with sun screen are the best defenses from harmful environmental impacts on summer fun.
    What to Know About Bug Spray, Sunscreen, and Cancer
  • mosquito skin spraymosquito clip onmosquito net outdoors

       some bug spray and repellent ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    controlling mosquitoes in your backyard

INFO: how bug sprays work (new win)
YOUTUBE: which repellents work best? (new win)

Cover image credit: backyard mosquito by Pixabay


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