ideas: Bed Bug Cleaning and Removal

Bed Bug Cleaning and Removal

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  • Did you know that bed bugs can grow up to 50% in length and 200% in weight after feeding with human blood? These pesky little insects are no bigger than an apple seed when mature, but they can cause a lot of restless nights and ugly bite marks.

    Luckily, bed bugs don't spread dangerous diseases, unlike mosquitoes who also feed on blood. You can also get rid of them fairly easily if you know a few tips and tricks about bed bug cleaning. Keep reading this article to learn more about getting rid of bed bugs safely and efficiently.

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Wash your clothes and bed sheets using hot water


  • If you stumble upon a lot of bugs in your bed, make sure that you clean everything up right away. For example, you should wash bed sheets and infected clothing with water at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This will eliminate all the bed bugs that might be hiding in your sheets and also clean up the dirt they leave behind.
    more about bed bug laundry
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bed bug cleaning

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Use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate them


  • Thanks to the fact that bed bugs are tiny, they can be easily eliminated by sucking them with a vacuum cleaner. Do this as soon as you spot a bug infestation and check your sofas, armchairs, and other furniture items in your house.
  • After you have eliminated all or most of them, throw away the vacuum bag, so they don’t establish colonies in your vacuum cleaner.
    should you be vacuuming for bed bugs?
  • bed bug vacuumbed bug traps

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where do bed bugs come from

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Use a plastic mattress cover


  • Mattress covers made from plastic are ideal for homeowners who want to get rid of bed bugs. These little insects find their way through the smallest holes and crevices, but they cannot go through plastic.
  • A mattress cover made from plastic can prevent the spreading of bed bugs and keeps your mattress intact. It will also make it easier for you to spot bed bugs and eliminate them.
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bed bug cleaning

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Inspect your bed frame


  • Bed bugs usually establish colonies in your bed frame and attack you at night. That’s why you should carefully inspect your bed frame and look for signs of infestation. Homeowners use basic tools to dismantle the frame to have a closer look.
  • If you find bed bugs, vacuum them immediately, and use special pest control products to deter them.
  • Also, don’t forget to check out your sofa, armchair, and even your travel suitcase. Bed bugs tend to establish colonies in all places where you can sit or sleep. They might also be in your suitcase or travel bag because people usually carry them home from hotel rooms while coming back from vacation.
  • If you’re still wondering how to get rid of bed bugs, contacting a local pest control company is probably the right thing to do.
    How to Keep Bed Bugs Off Luggage
  • bed bug luggage protectorbed bug detector

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bed bug cleaning

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Now you know more about bed bug cleaning


  • As you can see, bed bug cleaning is not that difficult if you know what to do and what tools to use. Make sure that you act as soon as you see a sign of pest infestation because this problem will not go away on its own. 
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