ideas: Benefits n’ Necessity of Garden Design on Appearance of the House

Benefits n’ Necessity of Garden Design on Appearance of the House

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  • No house is complete without a front lawn and some interesting details both you, as an owner, and the incoming visitors can enjoy.

    The thing is, designing your garden is a delicate task that requires you to bring forth your inner creativity and come up with solutions for your garden that can reflect the sort of backyard arrangement you want to see in your garden.

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small garden shed

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So, if you’re willing to put in the effort and come up with a good design, there’s a good chance that you’ll not only improve the looks of your entire property but also make the entire area healthier to live in.

Let’s list some benefits of coming up with your own garden design (or adapting one that you saw online somewhere, perhaps), as well as why it’s necessary for you to go down this road of personal designing.

Space organization


  • One of the most significant troubles of NOT having done anything to make your garden a cohesive unit would be that your whole garden area can look like a series of random objects strewn together on a lawn.
  • A corner of your garden can be reserved for the tool shed, for example. Another patch of grass may serve well for setting up a children’s playground, while another one you can use to plant tomatoes. The opportunities abound, and that’s the beauty of it.
    where to plant your garden
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Prevents flooding


  • A big part of understanding how the shape of your garden works is installing a proper drainage system, which will be able to take care of excess rainwater in case it starts raining cats and dogs out of the blue.
  • The thing is, your garden’s shape with all its little hillocks and flatlands, so to speak, will play a role in where the water goes once it arrives in great quantities.
  • So, to ensure this water doesn’t end up in a place that you don’t want it to be in (such as your living room, for example), installing a drainage system can take care of this for good.
    how to achieve better yard drainage

    some ideas –

    view: drainage pipe drainage rocks

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stone steps

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Prevents erosion of the soil


  • Combine rain with the power of wind, and you’ve got another elemental disaster rearing its ugly head around the corner. A disaster called – erosion.
  • The thing about erosion is that it doesn’t happen overnight and that it may take years for a piece of soil to deteriorate sufficiently so that the structure of your house itself is in peril.
  • Now, this course of events can be prevented if you set up a retaining wall, for example, as this obstacle will stop the soil from ‘migrating’ about and undermining the foundation of your entire property.
    how to control erosion

    some ideas –

    view: retaining wall stones retaining wall lighting

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Better air quality in our backyard


  • A big part of taking good care of your garden is getting your fingers green, so to speak. Whether it’s planting new grass seeds, taking care of the trees, or setting up a living fence, various plants are inevitably going to play a major role in the décor of your garden.
  • That said, it’s not just about the looks of a garden, because you can count on another benefit of these plants – the air quality in the entirety of your property will improve.
  • As you already know, plants produce oxygen, so having a bunch of them around will inevitably make the air cleaner.
    trees tested as pollutant traps |      landscaping with trees

    some ideas –

    view: live bamboo plants silver birch tree

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Increase property value


  • Although this entry does not refer to the appearance of a house per se, it can certainly say that having a well-kept garden increases your property’s appearance on the real estate map.
  • Here’s the thing, no buyer is going to say no to a beautiful garden complete with a tool shed, and a line of trees, and some tomatoes and cucumbers you can call your own.
  • So, if you want to increase the overall value of your property by fixing up the garden, but don’t have the time, you can always hire a team performing professional property maintenance tasks to do the job for you.
    All in all, designing your garden so that it looks unique, well-kempt, and tidy is a great way of making it look beautiful, increasing the value of the entire property, as well as breathing a better quality of air because of it. What’s not to love?

    some ideas –

    view: walkway stones flowering shrubs

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