ideas: How to Determine if You Can Build a Pool in Your Backyard

How to Determine if You Can Build a Pool in Your Backyard

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  • Swimming in a pool is a refreshing way to cool off during the summer months. It's also a way to entertain friends and neighbors.

    However, you need to determine if your yard is suitable for building the pool that you want.

    Here are a few details to look at before you begin the design process:

    • wiring
    • terrain
    • supplies
    • permits
    • getting started

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building pool in backyard

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  • Take time to survey your yard. You don’t want your pool built underneath wires or large trees.
  • If there are only trees blocking the area where you want to build your pool, then you can usually have them removed before the installation process begins.
  • Keep in mind that you want to have some type of electrical access from your pool to your home in order to operate the pool pump and other components that keep the pool clean.
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building pool in backyard

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  • The area where your pool will be built should be as flat as possible. Hills can usually be reshaped to allow for the best terrain for your pool.
  • Concrete as a border around your pool or a retaining wall on one side of your pool can be built to help keep the ground from shifting and to keep dirt from eroding from underneath your pool.
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building pool in backyard

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  • Before your pool is complete, you need to get all of the supplies that you’re going to need. Make sure the filters are in place and that the pump is working correctly so that the water circulates.
  • You also need the proper chemicals to keep the water clean, such as chlorine. Baking soda is an item to have on hand as well as it can aid in sanitizing the water.
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building pool in backyard

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  • Sometimes, you might need to obtain a building permit from the city or county where you live before building a pool.
  • This is usually necessary if the pool will be over a designated size or if it’s going to be an inground pool instead of one that’s above the ground that can be easily moved in the future.
  • You also need to find out if your yard is a protected zone for wildlife or natural resources. If it is, then you might not be able to build a pool unless you get permission.
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building pool in backyard

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Getting started


  • Before you complete the design and begin the building process of your pool, you need to make sure your yard is large enough and that there are no safety hazards.
  • Once you’ve received the proper permits and the go-ahead to start building, you can begin talking to companies that can install the pool you desire.
  • Put chemicals in the pool a few days before you plan to open it so that they have time to kill any bacteria that might be present.
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  • What comments can you share about
    your backyard swimming pool installation

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