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Child/Teen Bedroom

photo image analysis: Bedroom Design for Your Teenager

What to do with your teenager to make them smile? How about a new bedroom design that they will just love. Let’s see if it might work!

Child/Teen Bedroom

Toddler/Teen Wall Blackboard Bedroom For Keeping on Task

Toddler soon to become a teen. You know what that means? It’s keeping them on task where they note schedules, dates and assignments. That’s where a wall blackboard comes in handy.


photo image analysis: Freestanding Tubs for Your Bath Remodel

Here is a great idea for small homes that can add value. A combo porch and deck area with privacy landscape that will give you a great setup for entertaining and dining.

Attic Bath

Hiding Away In Your Attic Bathroom

You have come home after a long, tired day at work. You need to get away to relax the stress away. Then let’s go up into the attic to hide away in your personal attic bathroom.

Master Bedroom

Design Concepts for Small Master Bedroom

So you have small master bedroom area. Just enough room to put your queen size bed frame. So how should you design your small space to make it look spacious?

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 12-Month

With the 12 month infant care guide, your infant should stand strong and begin walking. He/she may be a bit wobbly, but every passing day getting better.

Master Bedroom

photo image analysis: Designing Master Bedroom

Bedroom are fun to remodel and design. You have many different design variations to work with. So let’s analyze this one photo for designing master bedroom.

Child/Teen Bedroom

Designing a Girls Bedroom

So you have a young girl at home nearing the teenage years. She wants to decorate her bedroom the reflect her personality and more importantly, a design that she can share with her friends.

Nursery Room

Taking Another Nursery Decor Look

Let’s take another look at nursery room decor. It’s one of the rooms that is fun to decorate with all kinds of colors and furniture pieces. So let’s have fun!


Bathroom Mirrors – In All Kind of Styles and Shapes

Have you looked at your bathroom mirrors lately? Most likely every day. But have you considered replacing your mirrors with something different.

Child/Teen Bedroom

Decorating a Boys Bedroom

So you have a young boy at home nearing the teenage years. He would like to decorate his own room. Let’s help him out with some boy bedroom design ideas.

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 11-Month

With this 11 month infant guide, you should have a strong and fast crawler. They will be standing more without aid. Repeating more words in speech.

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 10-Month

Their independence is beginning to show. Your 10-month old infant is crawling strong and attempting to stand by themselves. Almost ready to walk.


Finding That Perfect Shower Faucet

You got to love your shower – especially when you need to relax. So your shower head is key to a great shower experience.

Guest Bedroom

Simply Design Loft Bedroom Area

Let’s do a loft conversion! That means taking some extra space or attic and converting it into a simple loft bedroom for guest or family.


How to Budget for a Bathroom Renovation

For most of us, our homes are our retreats and our favorite places to gather with friends and family. We spend long, ordinary days there, and also host special occasions. So making our homes exactly what we want them to be is one quest of home owning, which is why we often remake our rooms, space by space.

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 9-Month

Look at what he or she is doing – they are trying to stand up! See if your infant meet the milestones using this 9 month infant care guide.


Some Bathroom Design in Planning a Remodel

If I had to re-do my bathroom, I would consider these design changes …. So let’s take a look at bathroom design ideas to consider.

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 8-Month

Can you believe your infant is 8 months old? Time is moving by fast. They are now crawling – making recognizable sounds and are starting to get into things.

Nursery Room

Series of Infant Growth and Caring Guides: 7-Month

Your infant turns 7 months old – just a month away from crawling. Let’s go over this 7 month infant care guide to view the baby’s growth.