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Porch Systems

Cozy Inviting Porch with White Railings and Brown Wooden Floor

Cozy inviting porch with white railings and brown wooden floor Notes: Even small homes can decorate a beautiful, inviting porch. The white railing with the composite wood floor really blend


Does Every Garage Need a Workbench?

Carpenter workbench with many tools hanging in the background. Notes: If you are a DIY fixer-upper, you might consider having your own personal workbench either in the garage or other

Exterior Decor

Your Window Shutters Should Open and Close to Give the Full Function of Shutters

Big modern residence with spacious paved yard. Notes: Most window shutters are simply decor placements to imitate the classic shutter. Perhaps you might consider a real shutter that can open

Exterior Decor

Big Modern Residence with Spacious Paved Yard

Big modern residence with spacious paved yard. Notes: Have you considered a paved yard as part of your exterior home decor? It is perfect for those sunny locations that experience

Home Siding

Making Stone Part of Your Home Siding

The stone wall siding close up. Notes: Stone is one of the popular home siding options for large homes. It may be used in conjunction with brick or wood panels

Roof & Gutters

Decorative Copper Rain Gutter

Fancy and decorative copper rain gutter. Notes: Not much of use think about the style of our rain gutters. We are only interested when they work. But adding to your


Putting a Shine on Your Garage Floor

Putting a shine on your garage floor. Notes: You should treat your garage like any other room in the house. It protects some of your highest valued assets. Garage floors

Porch Systems

Open Porch Design for a Green House

Front view of a wooden white door on a green house with window. Beautiful red roses and bench on the porch. Notes: White furniture and decor to bring out the

Roof & Gutters

Cupola with Weathervane

A white tabby building in the tropics with palm tree, cupola and weathervane. Notes: The cupola accents the extending dorm window. Adds height to the building. The weathervane adds a

Home Siding

Selecting Your Home Siding

Three roof peaks stacked on top of each other with different siding materials. Notes: Most homes usually come with one siding selection – vinyl, brick, wood or stone. It is


Keeping Your Garage Organized

Carton boxes and bikes in the garage. Notes: Ask yourself – is the garage for storage or your auto. If storage, then be creative to manage storage needs to make

Driveways & Walkways

Winding Walkway Through a Garden

Beautiful summer garden with a walkway winding its way through Notes: Block walkway with varying colors to add a design theme. The center walkway bordered by grey blocks. The entire

Exterior Decor

Nice Touches for Exterior Home Decor

Who says your outside can’t look as well as the inside …? Notes: Some key exterior home decor includes some columns with stone based pedestals. Wood roof shingles or other

Porch Systems

Small Half-Wrap Porch

A small one-half wrap porch leading up to the entry door. Notes: Nice touch when you home style doesn’t allow a wrap-around porch. Allows for a sitting area to take