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Seasonal Remarks

Need to Start Thinking About the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up next week – February 02. The biggest game event in the US. Are you ready to join millions in watching and participating the biggest sporting event of the year.

Interior Rooms & Decor

5 Styles for Making Your Home Look More Expensive

Designing your space is one of the best parts of owning a home. You get to mix and match countless decor pieces and furniture, and there’s no limit to the colors you can incorporate.

Holiday Events

Today We Honor Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s the third Monday in January – the day we honor Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy he left. The legacy that all men are created equal.

Home Decor

How to Decorate Like a Parisian

When you think of Paris, your mind probably conjures up images of a romantic epicenter full of rich culture and style. The buildings and apartment homes have a distinct allure that reflects centuries of history.

Home Decor

Bringing the Water Fountain Inside

Creating your own indoor oasis can be achieved by bringing a water fountain inside. It could be a simple tabletop fountain or something custom built that can be used and enjoyed all year round.

Home Office

4 Reasons to Update Your (Home) Office Furniture

Furniture makes an office, and one of the best ways to revitalize your company’s workspace is to upgrade the desks, tables, and office workstations you use every day.

Home Decor

Decorating Walls With Abstract Wall Art

So you need to decorate your wall. And you want to maintain the modern look. Then framed abstract art (with some contemporary art mingled in) is the perfect wall decor for the modern home.

Home Entry Stairway

Some Modern Stairway Styles That You Might Like

Stairs are stairs … correct? Well maybe in some homes. But in some decorative homes, the staircase is a major decor element that defines the room.

Christmas Time

photo image analysis: It’s Christmas Eve!

Today is Christmas Eve – celebrated by millions of Christians from around the world. Christmas Eve is the time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas – the nativity and the birth of Jesus Christ. The truest gift of all!

Recreation Room

Cocktails and Comfort: Ways to Decorate Your Home Bar

Sometimes, all you want to do after a long day of work is fix up your favorite drink and hang out with friends in a cozy bar. Building a home bar is a great way to experience all the fun and comradery a bar has to offer, without ever leaving the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Christmas Time

The Christmas Traditions We Often See and Use

All of us have our varying Christmas holiday traditions. Some of the these traditions are very common among most of us. These include the fireplace stocking – the poinsettia – gingerbread house – and more. Where did these traditions come from?

Christmas Time

Those Christmas Treats – Are Your Ready???

Christmas Day if fast approaching. All of the hustle and bustle to get everything bought and wrapped. But what about those Christmas treats? Don’t forget that it is the treats that make Christmas memorable. Let’s get going!

Christmas Time

Holiday Gifts! The Christmas Wrap Can Express Your Love

It’s the Christmas season. Time to express your love by offering up a gift. But make this gift really special by customizing the wrapping using creative boxes, ribbon and other decorative themes.

Recreation Room

How to Improve Your Home Bar in 5 Steps

DIY projects can be fun and exciting adventures. Not everything has to be a brand-new project: you could consider improving a neglected part of your home, such as your garage or basement. You can also conduct a smaller project, such as revamping your home bar.

Christmas Time

photo image analysis: What Makes Christmas Fun

What makes Christmas so fun? It’s the simple things that bring joy. Let’s take a moment to reflect on what those things are.

Holiday Events

Remembering the Day of Infamy – Pearl Harbor December 7th

It has been 78 years ago today when on the early morning of December 07, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War II. Yes, it was a long time ago; but December 7th has become the Day of Infamy as we take this day to remember how costly wars have become.

Home Den Library

Let’s View How to Store Books Using Bookshelf Ideas

Books covers can work nicely when decorating a room. The question is how best to display them. That is when you need nicely designed bookshelves to store and display your books.

Christmas Time

Christmas Tree Decor

It’s Christmas time … time to put up the tree. So what kind of Christmas tree decorations are your considering this year?

Interior Rooms & Decor

Design Ideas To Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

Even if you don’t live in a million-dollar mansion, that doesn’t mean your home can’t be luxurious. With the right design and decorating ideas, any space can look elegant and sophisticated.

Home Entry Stairway

photo image analysis: Making a Grand Entrance

Welcome to our home. That is something you would love saying if you have a nice entry way and foyer. Let’s analyze how that might be done.