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Holiday Events

Remembering the Day of Infamy – Pearl Harbor December 7th

It has been 78 years ago today when on the early morning of December 07, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War II. Yes, it was a long time ago; but December 7th has become the Day of Infamy as we take this day to remember how costly wars have become.

Christmas Time

Christmas Tree Decor

It’s Christmas time … time to put up the tree. So what kind of Christmas tree decorations are your considering this year?


Decorating for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up. Now is the time to decorate for the event. But for decorations, use what you can find around outside and other natural items. Something that conveys the true meaning of the season.

Autumn Decor

Time for the Scarecrow to Come Down

The fall season is fast coming to an end. The harvest is in – hopefully all canned for future use. Now is the time to take the scarecrow down.

Holiday Events

Salute to Our Veterans – Wherever They May Be

Veterans Day is tomorrow, November 11. It’s the one day of the year we honor those who have served in the armed forces. No matter when or how they served. We salute you!

Halloween Fun

The Headless Horseman – Perfect Happy Halloween Story

It’s Halloween – are your ready for the ghouls that will be lurching out tonight for those tricks or treats? One ghoul you might see – if you look faintly down the road – might be the headless horseman. Do tell!

Halloween Fun

photo image analysis: Halloween House – Some Decoration Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching – time to decorate your porch for trick ‘r treat. We have two ideas – one that is festive; the other that is scary. Which idea will you select for this Halloween?

Halloween Fun

The Day of the Zombie Invasion – Just In Time for Halloween

What do you do if there is a Zombie invasion? There is a lot of talk about some catastrophic event that will bring out these ghouls. One such event is coming up soon – Happy Halloween!

Halloween Fun

Are You Becoming A Vampire (for Halloween)?

Are you a vampire (meaning that will become your costume for his Halloween)? The vampire is one Halloween’s favorite costume for adults. But what is the vampire?

Halloween Fun

Where Did Pumpkins Come From (Just In Time for Halloween)

Halloween without pumpkins is … well, not Halloween. You need to have pumpkins. But where did the pumpkin come from …along with the Jack o’ Lantern?

Halloween Fun

What Do You Know About Witches for Halloween?

It’s that time of year again when the Halloween witches come out to play. All for fun of course. But what do you know about witches and where did they come from? And do they exist today?

Seasonal Remarks

The Fall Season Begins – Here Comes the Beautiful Fall Colors

Fall is here! You know what that means! The changing of the leaves into a beautiful spectacular scene. Let’s view more about the fall foliage.

Holiday Events

Good-Bye August and the Hot Summer

It’s time to say good-bye to August and the hot summer days. Looking forward to some cool, fall nights. It’s nothing new. So let’s take some time to plan for next summer – where you can fully enjoy the summer heat.

Holiday Events

The Labor Day Holiday – One Final Summer Getaway

The Labor Day Holiday – it is just a few days away. It is the final summer weekend getaway for the year. Have you made your holiday travel plans yet?

Holiday Events

It’s Pioneer Day – Need to Head to Salt Lake City

If you are in or traveling through Salt Lake City today, you will celebrating Pioneer Day. The day to commenorate the pioneer arrival into SLC July 24, 1847.

Seasonal Remarks

Enjoy the Summer at the Beach

One of the best vacations you can have is a summer beach trip and stay. Spend some time on the beach to swim, fish, read a book, and enjoy the surrounding amenities.

July 4 Celebration

Happy July 4th – Enjoy the Long Weekend!

Happy 4th of July! Being Thursday before Friday, many will of us will have a nice, long weekend. So let’s get going with your July Fourth celebrations.

July 4 Celebration

Planning Your 4th of July Picnic

It is always the question on what to do for the 4th. So let us pitch an idea. Invite your family and friends over for a July 4th picnic.

July 4 Celebration

The 4th of July is Coming Up! How About Celebrating It Small?

We need to review what small town American is doing for July 4th. Let’s pick out some of the best small town July 4th celebrations that you may want to visit this holiday.

Holiday Events

The Summer Solstice – First Day of Summer

Today is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the longest day of the year. Time to get ready for summer fun and summer heat.