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Halloween Fun

10 Halloween Home Decor Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Where did the rest of the year go? It’s already time to start thinking about Halloween! Around 172 million Americans celebrated Halloween last year, with just under 70% of them actively giving out candy. The holiday is loved across the nation by children and adults alike.

Holiday Events

Celebrating the 4th Under Isolation

4th of July – time to enjoy the festivities. But unfortunately, not this year due to COVID-19. So celebrating the 4th will be at home. Let’s view ideas.

Holiday Events

Getting Some Irish Green Into Your Daily Outlook

“photo remodeling” image analysis copyright image by Time to celebrate some green Notes: That darn coronavirus: the news is not very positive – more and more people are getting

Seasonal Remarks

Home Bound Because of Coronavirus – What To Do?

Has the coronavirus threat kept you and your family home bound? If not now, it probably will in the days to come. So if you are home bound, let’s look at some home enjoyment activities that you can enjoy with your family.

Holiday Events

It’s Presidents Day! Can You Identify These Past Presidents?

It’s President Day today. We have had 45 presidents from the day George Washington stepped forward to receive the call. Can you name all 45?

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Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is this Friday – February 14. Are you ready to celebrate the day with your Valentine? Let’s get going with these 5 steps to make Valentine’s Day one of the the best events of the year.

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Valentine Chocolates – The Taste of Love

Valentines Day in next week. So what plans do you have to express your love? If you want the taste of love, then chocolates are the answer. You will never fail with chocolates.

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The Day We Test Whether Spring Will Be Coming Soon

Today – February 02 – is Groundhog’s Day. The day we test using groundhogs on whether spring will be coming soon. Or whether winter stays with us.

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Need to Start Thinking About the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up next week – February 02. The biggest game event in the US. Are you ready to join millions in watching and participating the biggest sporting event of the year.

Holiday Events

Today We Honor Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s the third Monday in January – the day we honor Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy he left. The legacy that all men are created equal.

Analysis Christmas Time

photo image analysis: It’s Christmas Eve!

Today is Christmas Eve – celebrated by millions of Christians from around the world. Christmas Eve is the time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas – the nativity and the birth of Jesus Christ. The truest gift of all!

Christmas Time

The Christmas Traditions We Often See and Use

All of us have our varying Christmas holiday traditions. Some of the these traditions are very common among most of us. These include the fireplace stocking – the poinsettia – gingerbread house – and more. Where did these traditions come from?