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Christmas Time

Getting Ready For Black Friday – What To Get?

Who’s thinking of Black Friday one day before Thanksgiving? Almost everyone. You should be thinking of meal preparations for the next day. But Black Friday comes the day after. And it is time to think of what to look for … for the home that is.


Preparing For Your Thanksgiving Meal and Day

The Thanksgiving meal is one of the best meals of the year. But so much has to go into preparing for the event. You have turkey, pies, table setting, serving and more. And then there is the events after.

Recreation Room

For the Rec Room – Let’s Go Back In Time to the 1950’s

Looking for something different for your home recreation room? Let’s go back into time. Back to the 1950’s when the jukebox once the rave. Add a vintage jukebox to your rec room. Brings in old time rock and decor.


Getting Ready To Decorate The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is next week. Time to think how you would like to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Presented are some ideas to consider, plus references on how you might tackle this decor project.

Home Den Library

Using White Bookshelves To Highlight Den Look and Decor

You have a den library. Looks a bit dark. Let’s liven it up by painting some bright colors on the walls. And then attach some creative white bookshelves to the wall. Place some colorful decor on the shelf and you now have created an exciting, bright new room.

Home Decor

Using Playable Art For Your Table and Wall Decor

Your wall art can range in about every direction. But why not try something new? It’s call Playable Art from They make great conversation pieces for both table and wall decor.


A Special Dedication To Our Veterans

Unless one of us has been there, we cannot appreciate the dedication and sacrifice of our veterans. We thank them for their service that keep us free and prosperous. So on this special day, we salute you!


Relaxing The World Away With Your Reclining Chair

You come home from work. You’re tired. You just need a few minutes to relax and get off your feet. What better place to sit than a nice, comfortable reclining chair. You can lean back and the weight of the world float away.

Sun Room

Sunroom Dining Area to Enjoy a Morning Breakfast

It’s early Sunday morning in November. The sun is shining brightly through the windows bathing your sunroom in warmth. Perfect time to bring your breakfast from the kitchen to the sunroom to enjoy some time with family.


Wood Storage Bins – A Must to Maintain a Wood Fireplace

If you have a wood burning fireplace, you need an area where your can store the fuel … a wood storage container. You can pick something from a very simple log bin to something more elaborate and decorative. Let’s take view!


Look At Outside – It’s Time for Thanksgiving Decor

Goodbye Halloween … hello Thanksgiving. Now it’s time to decorate your home n’ yard with Thanksgiving autumn decor. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use simple harvest food with some fall leaves to give you a nice display.

Halloween Fun

Happy Halloween! Is Your Home Haunted?

It’s Halloween today! Is your home haunted? Do kids stay far away because of the creepy sounds coming from your home? Sounds like a moving house, squeaky doors, out-of-date kitchens and other “scary” things that make your home the haunted home on the hill.

Halloween Fun

Ideas In Dressing Up Your Ghouls for Halloween

What are you going to be for Halloween? What Halloween costume would be the hit for this year? Can’t tell. There are so many ideas floating around. But let’s take a look at some favorite ideas.

Home Decor

Entryway Bench to Welcome Friends and Family As They Enter

You open the front door to an inviting guest. You invite them in. What do they see once they enter your home? Your home entry way is the first room they encounter. Show them your decor magic with a home entry bench.

Home Decor

Using a Common Jar Bottle for a Beautiful Flower Vase

Who says you need a fancy vase to display your garden flower picks? Just go to kitchen and use a simple, storage jar as your vase. They make great vases. And the shape and style give you the vintage look you need for a flower decor display.

Halloween Fun

Pumpkin Carving Time Just Before Halloween

Nothing like making your house haunted on Halloween night. Not necessarily having to change the look of your home. You just need to be creative in your thinking. A little bit lighting, some fog, and frightening decor. It will have the kids think twice about knocking at your door.

Play/Exercise Area

Chalkboards to Bring Out the Adventure Imagination of Kids

If you have a dedicated play area for your kids, a great addition is big chalkboard on the wall or standing on the floor. The chalkboard brings out the imagination of you child as they chalk design their adventures.

Home Theater

Home Theater Speakers – Setting Up a Good Surround Sound System

When we think of home theater, our first thoughts turn to the big screen that over powers the home theater area. But a good home theater setup includes the powerful home theater speakers and a perfectly design surround sound system just like the movie house.

Halloween Fun

Turn Your Home Into a Haunted House for Halloween

Nothing like making your house haunted on Halloween night. Not necessarily having to change the look of your home. You just need to be creative in your thinking. A little bit lighting, some fog, and frightening decor. It will have the kids think twice about knocking at your door.

Home Office

Setting Up PC Monitors for Your Home Office – What’s Needed

Opening up a home office? You need to equip it with the latest technologies that connect you to your clients and buyers. Question is how many pc monitors will you need. It depends on what you do. One monitor may be sufficient, but you may need more.