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Home Den Library

Creative Wall Bookcases To Give Your Room Some Flair

We all have books … at least those we want to keep. So how do we display them without using the old fashion book case? Below you will see some creative designs for bookcases. It will give your room some flair and something that would be fun to decorate.

Halloween Fun

Welcoming the Halloween Witch as Part of Your Halloween Decor

What frightens your the most when you think of Halloween? In the old days, it was the witch who cast spells on little children that drove them away from their families. Well today, it may not be the witch. But the witch is still popular when decorating your yard for Halloween.


Using Coffee Tables to Decorate Your Living Room

The good ole coffee table. It is just not for coffee anymore. Coffee tables are for magazines, candy dishes, and interesting table decor. But mostly it is a table to set your feet on. Below are four pics on coffee table ideas.

Sun Room

Sunroom Home Office – An Idea to Consider If Working From Home

What to do with a sunroom or sunny side of your home Notes: Sun rooms are those areas of your home that bring in the most sunlight. It could be


Forget the Mantel – Build Your Fireplace in the Wall

Usually your find fireplaces with decorative mantels. But a new style to consider is a fireplace set inside the wall … without a mantel. It’s flush look brings out the sleek look of a beautiful fire scene.

Home Entry Stairway

Open Spiral Staircase Connecting the Floor Upstairs

Spiral staircases are great for connecting floors such as attics and lofts. Many spiral staircase come as assembly kits that can be installed fairly easily. We have three images below for some spiral design ideas and uses.

Home Decor

Creative Wall Decor for Just Being Different

With some creative thinking, you can design and interior room wall with some simple items that cost nothing. You just need to good background color to bring out the artistic decor. Below are three creative ideas to consider.

Halloween Fun

Halloween Pumpkin Displays for Exterior Home

Halloween mean pumpkins. Lots of them. So any Halloween decoration can be easily assembled by adding carved and non-carved pumpkins. Include some other autumn and/or scary decor and you are all set for the Halloween holiday.

Home Entry Stairway

Home Entry Way With Wood Floor and Carpeted Stairs

Home Entry Way With Carpeted Stairs Notes: Your home entry is the welcoming point for any home visitor. Home entry ways should be spacious and inviting – meaning ample lighting

Autumn Decor

Summer is Almost Ending – Time to Think Autumn

Window box with autumn decorations Notes: Summer is in its final month – time to think about the coming autumn. So how about decorating your exterior home with autumn decor.

Home Decor

Even the Simple Things Can Add To Your Home Decor

Wall shelf decor for apartment or small room. Notes: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to decorate a small room or apartment – you just need to

Living/Family Room

Planning Your Living Room Layout Before Buying

Projection of living room furniture layout scale Notes: Before you make an investment into your living room design, it’s best to layout your arrangement. There are a number of apps


Outdoor Fireplaces for Patio Entertainment

Large covered patio with stone fireplace Notes: Great setup for inviting friends over in front of a burning fireplace. This is a large stone fireplace that can warm the surrounding

Home Office

Creating a Simple Home Office or Workstation

Modern work space for those moments you get to work from home Notes: How to setup a home work station or home office? First thing, you will need a desk

Autumn Decor

Autumn is Coming – Try Something Simple to Welcome the Season

Cozy interior room with simple autumn decor. Notes: Autumn is just around the corner – some 3 weeks away for our northern states. It is the time to gather the


The Modern Look of Furniture – It is Getting Better All the Time

Modern interior room furniture Notes: Who can’t love the styles of modern furniture – especially those pieces in warm brownish colors. The table is interesting although not too functional –

Sun Room

Sun Room Dedicated to Cactus

Sun room dedicated to cactus Notes: A little different take for a sun room – this room idea functions more like a conservatory. A home conservatory is an attachment to

Play/Exercise Area

Exercise Area for Aerobic Floor Training

Exercise area for aerobic floor training Notes: You don’t need much to have an effective home exercise area. You simply need an area large enough to lay down some exercise

Living/Family Room

Modern Styled Living Room Adjacent to Sliding Glass Windows

Modern styled living room adjacent to sliding glass windows Notes: Stylish modern living room with an open view of forested hill – most likely a cabin or lake home. The

Play/Exercise Area

Illustration of an In-The-Home School Playroom

Illustration of the three boys playing inside the classroom Notes: A playroom idea: illustration of playroom school room for your young kids. Begin with a wall chalk or erase board