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Classic Leather Furniture for a Class Backyard View

Beautiful living room, classic leather furniture with a fabulous view. Notes: If your room size allows, consider a large leather couch that stretch from one side of the room to

Play/Exercise Area

Adding An Outdoor Scene to the Play Room

Blue playroom with closed door, sun and hill on wall. Notes: You can add some fun with creative decor for the play room. Paint the entire walls blue. Add green


Modern Sofa Underneath Big Wall Clock

Living room or saloon interior design with big wall watch. Notes: Modern sofa long sitting area. Designed more for lounging and sharing lounging area with another person. Decorative pillows make

Home Entry Stairway

Home Stairway with Glass Balustrade

purchased image by White kitchen and dining room with white epoxy floor and wooden stairs. Notes: Open stairway leading from the kitchen to the upstairs. Using a glass balustrade

Home Den Library

Simple Home Den for Relaxing

Den in suburban home with doors to patio. Notes: Very simple room for reading and relaxation. Door opens to outside patio. Would consider different kind of furniture that allow better

July 4 Celebration

Celebrating the July 4th Holiday

patriotic holiday. USA celebrating the 4th of July. Top view with American flag on the table. Notes: You don’t need a big budget to celebrate the 4th. Simple pin flags

Recreation Room

Green Billiard Room

Talk about style and decor. Notes: First thing, the style and colors all match. Love the green with tan brown backdrop. Even the billiard table matches the brown. Take a

Home Theater

Home Theater Room with Plush Seating

Nice way to convert a basement into a home theater room. Notes: Note the style – wall panels, sconce lighting, interior color. Resembles a move theater house. Very nice and


Stone Panel Fireplace with Black Hearth

A nice decorative section within a formal living room setting. Notes: Decorative stone panels encase the fireplace. The black hearth is a perfect color that breaks up the amount of