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Home Theater

Setting Up a Simple Home Theater System

It’s time to setup you own home theater room? Question is how? You have 4 key components – the projector and screen (or TV monitor), entertainment connections, surround system, and comfortable seating. Let’s get going!

Halloween Decor

Bring In The Scary Clowns … Maybe Not … Except for Halloween!

Here come the clowns … oh no! Scary clowns. They make great costume decorations for Halloween but not for any other time.

Halloween Decor

Pumpkin Display for the Holidays

The season is here – Halloween and Thanksgiving. So what better way to celebrate the season with creative pumpkin display.

Halloween Decor

It’s Halloween Week – Time to Decorate

It’s Halloween time. You need to get your front yard and entryway decorated. You can make is scary, creative or something that will be a surprise.

Halloween Decor

Something’s Wrong With These Dolls?

Did you see that? That doll just moved it’s hand! There is something wrong with these dolls.

Vintage Decor

Part of Your Vintage Decor Should Include a Vintage Telephone

If you like vintage decor, have you considered getting a vintage telephone? It could be the sixties look – the seventies – or perhaps something a bit older.

Living/Family Room

Living Room Style – Take 2

Let’s take another look at living room styles – part 2. Some styles you can use for design you own living room area.

Halloween Decor

Is Your Home Part of the Haunted House Directory

Have you ever been inside a haunted house? Maybe your house is haunted? The creaky floors; doors that slam; and the interior decoration from days gone by.

Recreation Room

Dedicated Piano Room for Music Lovers

Love to play the piano? Then you might consider a dedicated room just for your piano. Let’s take a view on some decorating room items.

Vintage Decor

Hourglass: Decorative and Fun

So you have a classic theme for your home library or office. A nice piece to add to your classic theme is a beautifully, designed hourglass.

Autumn Decor

Using Fall Nature for Autumn Decor

Summer is almost over. And then the fall begins. And with it comes your nature and garden harvest. Perfect elements for autumn home decor.

Halloween Decor

Decorating for Halloween

Halloween if coming up. How should you decorate your outside yard? Let’s get creative. Something that will get the kids a talking.

Living/Family Room

Living Room Style – Take 1

So it’s time to re-style your living room? What will be the style? Will it be classical, modern or something in-between? Let’s view some ideas!

Halloween Decor

Planning the Halloween Costume for Your Children

Don’t wait until last minute. Get your child’s Halloween costume before they are all taken. Some ideas!

Autumn Decor

Enjoying the Fall Colors

October is the month of changing fall colors. Question is where is the best places to view the beautiful scenery.

Home Decor

Simple Tabletop Vases for Simple Floral Decor

So you need to decorate a living area table. What can you use? Why not try simple tabletop vases! They can stand alone as a decor piece or hold a beautiful floral arrangement.

Holiday Decor

Making and Enjoying Your Own Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest! The festival of the beer making tradition celebrated during late September through early October in Munich, Germany. Not going! So celebrate your own Oktoberfest at home!


Decorating With Modern Sofa Furniture

Modern sofa furniture – are you ready for the modern look? You can do so much that will make a living or family room stand out. Let’s begin with the sofas.

Vintage Decor

Decor For The Creative Writer In Your Home

Type … type … type. The sounds of a creative genius putting their thoughts down on paper. So decorate the “pen room” with some vintage decor that honors their creative thinking.


Remembering “Ground Zero” World Trade Center Towers

17 years ago today was the infamous attack and collapse of the World Trade Center twin towers. We lost an iconic city symbol – but our greater loss were those who never came home on September 11.


Happy Labor Day! Last Day of Summer Vacation

Labor Day! The last day know for summer vacation and BBQ. After today, we need to get back to work, into school, and get home and garden ready for fall.

Home Office

Home Office Decor to Increase Productivity

Working at home? What decor can you add to increase productivity? Let’s take a look at some ideas that can be easily implemented to your home office.

Recreation Room

Making Room for Your Home Bar

Guests are coming over. What can you do for pre-dinner entertainment? You can invite them to join you into a drink at your beautifully installed home bar.


Enjoying Your Down Time In a Rocking Chair

Rock-a-bye Baby! Oh!, that was in the good days way back when your mother rocked you to sleep. Now it’s time to rock yourself to sleep with your own, comfortable rocking chair.


Hot August – The Last Full Month of Summer

Today is the 12th of August – almost mid-month. Let’s review some August pics as we bring to close the last full month of summer.