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Home Theater

Enjoying a Home Video in Comfortable Home Theater Seating

Okay! It’s time for a movie night with friends or family. You take that seat and I take that one. But is my seat better than yours – or do we have plush theater seats to enjoy.

July 4 Celebration

In Commemoration of Flag Day

It is Flag Day, June 14. A day to display the 50 stars throughout America. Do you have your flag flying today?

Holiday Events

Traveling to the National Parks for the Summer

Time to make your summer travel plans. Well how about traveling to some National Parks for camping and visiting other local attractions.

Interior Rooms & Decor

Planning Life Events

Life is full of events from going to college, buying your first home, managing money, and well, everything else. Let’s us provide some of guides for planning life events.

July 4 Celebration

Best Fireworks for the July 4th Celebration

July 4th means fireworks. And the more that go off, the better. So plan your 4th of July celebrations in the best cities for firework shows and music.

Holiday Events

Getting Ready for July 4th Celebrations

July 4th is just one month away. What can you do know to getting yourself ready for the July 4th celebrations? First step, understand the meaning of July 4th.

Holiday Events

Celebrating Memorial Day – In True Fashion

Happy Memorial Day – travel safe if the weekend has you away from home. But take a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Play/Exercise Area

Exercise Bench – The One Piece You Need for Your Home Gym

What do you need for home gym? Well, at least one piece is required – a personal exercise bench. With this bench, you will be able to do many key exercises that will keep yourself strong and healthy.


The Many Different Styles for Coffee Tables

Need a coffee table? You will find so many different styles to choose from that can compliment the living room furniture.

Home Den Library

Classic Chess Sets for Your Home Den Library or Office

You walk into your den library and what do you see? A globe, a beautiful desk with lamp, and what else? How about a classic or antique chess set. It will become the added touch you were looking for.

Holiday Events

To Our Mothers On This Special Day

It’s Mother’s Day. A day to thank our wonderful mothers who have dedicated so much time to our upbringing and development. So to our mothers … we love you.

Home Office

Modern Looking Home Office

Need to setup a home office for those permitted days you can work from home? Let’s have some fun! Why not style your work area with a modern, looking workstation and decor?

Country/Farm Kitchen Vintage Decor

A Touch of Class With a Vintage Kitchen Faucet

If you have a country-styled kitchen, then you will probably want a vintage styled kitchen faucet. The creative designs will enhance your kitchen look.


Using Fireplace Tools for Decor and …

So you have a nice fire roaring up in your wood fireplace. So how do you manage the fire? Simple! Just have handy your decorative fireplace tools.

Home Entry Stairway

Make Your Staircase Useful

What is under your staircase that is leading from a lower to upper floor? Just empty space ! Well how about making this space useful?

Holiday Events

Emancipation Day

Today is Emancipation Day; celebrated exclusively in the District of Columbia (Washington DC). It was on April 16, 1862 that President Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act.


The Creative Style of Lamp Tables

Walk into any living room and you will notice a decorative lamp table. They range is size and styles that can make any room look dazzling.

Recreation Room

Playing Las Vegas at Home

You love to play the game of poker with friends and family. So how about getting a poker table to give the feel of “Las Vegas” in the home.

Easter Season

Happy Easter Morning!

Happy Easter Morning! A day to celebrate the renewal of life and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout Christianity.

Holiday Events

April Fools Day … Don’t Get Tricked

It’s April Fools Day – Tomorrow. Are you going to get tricked?