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How About a Modern Living Room Style

There are all types of living room styles – but how about a modern living room style for the next few years? You can have fun with lighting, paint color and much more. Let’s take a look!

Play/Exercise Area

What Home Exercise Can You Do … and Where?

It is nice being part of a fitness center. But times don’t allow you to go given the scheduled and distance. That is when a home exercise room is handy. You can quickly jump into exercise before exiting the home for work.

Holiday Events

Honoring Our Presidents

Mt. Rushmore with 4 historical presidents. Can you name them (from left-to-right)?

Holiday Events

Jump Over to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

New Orleans celebrates Mardi gras with parades and other festivities starting early January – February. But the big celebration is this coming Tuesday, February 13 – better know as Fat Tuesday.

Holiday Events

To Mine and Yours Valentine on This Special Day

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. Consider doing something special for your valentine. Some ideas include decorating up the home. Let’s view some ideas.

Holiday Events

Super Bowl Sunday 2018

Super bowl Sunday 2018 starts today with the Philadelphia Eagles against the New England Patriots. It is one of the biggest and watched Sunday celebrations in America.

Recreation Room

Popcorn Machine Added to Recreation Room

If you have a dedicated recreational room, you got to get a popcorn machine. Popcorn is a family favorite for gaming, watching movies and other recreational activities.

Home Entry Stairway

It’s Rainy Outside – Do You Have a Coat Tree?

Welcome! Please come in. May I take your coat and hat? I am going to hang them here on my decorative, standing coat tree.

Home Den Library

Bringing the World Into The Family Den

World globes not only make a great home decor piece, but it is great for kid curiosity.


Sectional Sofas Bring Family and Friends Together

Sectional sofas are furniture pieces that have come of age. Many designs allow you to assemble pieces to form a sectional couch or separate them into individual furniture pieces.


Wood Stoves For Heating Home and Kitchen Cooking

Back in the good ole days, home were heated by wood burning stoves. They were also used to cook on. Technology has moved us away from the wood stove. But it is a nice addition to have in the event of ….

Holiday Events

Let’s Begin With a Happy New Year

It’s a new year – welcome 2018. We wish everyone a fabulous and prosperous new year. Please visit us again for more “photo remodeling” ideas.

Home Entry Stairway

Speaking of “Father of Time” for the Home Entry Way

Just to sit and listen to the ticks and chimes of a grandfather clock. It brings back a lot of memories whether it is from your childhood and movies.

Home Decor

Something Different for Room Decor – Aquarium

Mommy! Can I have that fish? I promise to take real good care of it. Remember those words you spoke years ago to convince Mom to get you that fish. Now you can … a real big fish.

Christmas Time

Merry Christmas Photos From Around the World

Merry Christmas! Let’s take a tour around the world to celebrate Christmas day. So Merry Christmas from New York, Germany, Australia and more.

Christmas Time

The Soft Glowing Light From Christmas Eve Candles

It’s Christmas Eve. Time to get the candles for the eve lighting. Bask your home in reverence with beautiful Christmas Eve candles.

Play/Exercise Area

Converting Your Attic or Basement Into A Kid’s Playroom

Foster the imagination of your children by giving them their own kids playroom. It could become an activity center, a school room, a play area and much more. Use your imagination to create something fun.

Christmas Time

Celebrating the Christmas Nativity and Jewish Hanukkah

Look into the Christmas ornament. We are going back in time when life seemed a bit simpler. It is Christmas time in our fantasy Christmas village from days gone by.

Christmas Time

Creating a Miniature Christmas Village for the Holidays

Remember the days long past with miniature villages and train sets decorating the department store. You don’t see them much today. But you can create your own miniature village.

Christmas Time

Hear the Jingle? Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

You better watch out … you better not cry … better not pout … I’m telling you why! Santa Claus is coming to town!