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Play/Exercise Area

Converting Your Attic or Basement Into A Kid’s Playroom

Foster the imagination of your children by giving them their own kids playroom. It could become an activity center, a school room, a play area and much more. Use your imagination to create something fun.

Christmas Decor

Celebrating the Christmas Nativity and Jewish Hanukkah

Look into the Christmas ornament. We are going back in time when life seemed a bit simpler. It is Christmas time in our fantasy Christmas village from days gone by.

Christmas Decor

Creating a Miniature Christmas Village for the Holidays

Remember the days long past with miniature villages and train sets decorating the department store. You don’t see them much today. But you can create your own miniature village.

Christmas Decor

Hear the Jingle? Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

You better watch out … you better not cry … better not pout … I’m telling you why! Santa Claus is coming to town!

Christmas Decor

Christmas Fantasy: Once There Was a Christmas Village

Look into the Christmas ornament. We are going back in time when life seemed a bit simpler. It is Christmas time in our fantasy Christmas village from days gone by.

Christmas Decor

Liven Up Your Door With a Beautiful Christmas Wreath

Show your Christmas spirit by displaying a Christmas wreath on your home entry door. It welcomes all of your family and friends with good tiding as they enter your home this holiday season.


The Chair of Kings – That is the King of Your Home

Leather is one of the finest materials you can get when selecting furniture. It is durable and long lasting. Not only that, it is also beautiful – especially leather chairs. We call them the “King of Chairs”.

Home Office

Need A Desk Lamp For Your Desktop?

As more and more people do some of their work projects from home, you need the correct lighting feature. Question is on style, lighting and functionality. Do you have something in mind?

Home Theater

Decorating Your Home Theater Room With Vintage Movie Posters

You invite your friends over to look at your newly installed home theater room. What do you want them to see? How about your collection of vintage movie posters? Have them nicely displayed behind vintage display cases like in days when you were a kid.

Christmas Decor

Decorate With Creative Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments

What goes on a Christmas tree when decorating it for the season? Lights, tinsel, and ball ornaments. There is certainly more than that. But it is the ball ornaments that give the tree is decorating class.

Christmas Decor

Start the Celebration of the Season With a Decorative Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging. A German carol celebrating the beautiful Christmas Tree that adores many homes, businesses, and communities.

Thanksgiving Decor

Honoring Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving! It is a day to honor that many great blessings we have. Especially our harvest and freedom. Giving thanks on this special day.

Christmas Decor

Getting Ready For Black Friday – What To Get?

Who’s thinking of Black Friday one day before Thanksgiving? Almost everyone. You should be thinking of meal preparations for the next day. But Black Friday comes the day after. And it is time to think of what to look for … for the home that is.

Thanksgiving Decor

Preparing For Your Thanksgiving Meal and Day

The Thanksgiving meal is one of the best meals of the year. But so much has to go into preparing for the event. You have turkey, pies, table setting, serving and more. And then there is the events after.

Recreation Room

For the Rec Room – Let’s Go Back In Time to the 1950’s

Looking for something different for your home recreation room? Let’s go back into time. Back to the 1950’s when the jukebox once the rave. Add a vintage jukebox to your rec room. Brings in old time rock and decor.

Thanksgiving Decor

Getting Ready To Decorate The Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is next week. Time to think how you would like to decorate your Thanksgiving table. Presented are some ideas to consider, plus references on how you might tackle this decor project.

Home Den Library

Using White Bookshelves To Highlight Den Look and Decor

You have a den library. Looks a bit dark. Let’s liven it up by painting some bright colors on the walls. And then attach some creative white bookshelves to the wall. Place some colorful decor on the shelf and you now have created an exciting, bright new room.

Home Decor

Using Playable Art For Your Table and Wall Decor

Your wall art can range in about every direction. But why not try something new? It’s call Playable Art from They make great conversation pieces for both table and wall decor.

Thanksgiving Decor

A Special Dedication To Our Veterans

Unless one of us has been there, we cannot appreciate the dedication and sacrifice of our veterans. We thank them for their service that keep us free and prosperous. So on this special day, we salute you!


Relaxing The World Away With Your Reclining Chair

You come home from work. You’re tired. You just need a few minutes to relax and get off your feet. What better place to sit than a nice, comfortable reclining chair. You can lean back and the weight of the world float away.