Structural Projects

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Tiled Floor for an Interior Bathroom

Tiled floor for an interior bathroom. Notes: Beautiful large tile planks for designed the floor and walls. The size of the tile brings out the tile design that matches the

Doors and Windows

Living Room With Sliding Glass Door to Balcony

Living room with sliding glass door to balcony. Notes: Sliding doors are a nice alternative to open-and-swing doors. Sliding doors function like a window door that accents the windows along

Doors and Windows

Does Your Home Entry Way Look Like This?

Home exterior detail with reflection of colorful sunset. Notes: Your entry way can speak much about the overall beauty of the home. Too few homes frame the door entry way


Hanging Lights for Kitchen Counters

Wooden counter with 3d rendering hanging lamps against kitchen background. Notes: Hanging lights are excellent lighting choices for kitchen counters. They provide the best decor and lighting for food preparation

Walls and Ceiling

Abandoned Room with Old Painted Brick Wall

Abandoned room with old painted brick wall. Nice pic idea? Leave us a quick comment below.And please share this pic idea within your social networks.


Dual Hanging Light With Big Domes

When you have a dark room, nothing can light it up like large ceiling lights. Notes: Two large suspending lighting units to light up a basement room. Like the hanging


Solid Wood Plank Flooring

Light-Colored Hardwood Plank Flooring. Notes: Wood planks flow from the interior to exterior to give the room a larger look. Beautiful color that will match any home decor. Wood moldings