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Analysis HVAC & Utilities

photo analysis: Summer Cooling Tips

July and August are noted as hot months – particularly in the Northern hemisphere. It can be quite difficult to keep active when temperatures get above 90 degrees fahrenheit (32 celsius).

HVAC & Utilities

5 Simple Ways To Keep Your House Cool

As the temperature climbs this summer, you may be tempted to crank up the air conditioner. On the other hand, you may be concerned about the increase to your utility bill that may result.

Analysis Laundry/Mud Room

photo analysis: Ideas for Small Laundry Rooms

Laundry – it has to be done. But thanks to technology, we can do our laundry in the convenience of your home. But many of us are limited to a small area. So what can you do to your laundry room to make it functional and easier to manage?

Green Home

Home Additions That Can Save You Money Long Term

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re on a budget. You look for any way to save money that you can. Fortunately, there are some home additions that you can make that will save you big bucks over the long haul.

Home Storage

Smart Storage Tips For Kids` Bedroom/Playroom

Admit it, the sight of your kid’s jumbled room is not an appealing endeavor. Toys scattered all over the place, clothes on the floor, beddings under the bed, well, it can be quite bothersome.

Utility Needs

Bed Bug Cleaning and Removal

Did you know that bed bugs can grow up to 50% in length and 200% in weight after feeding with human blood? These pesky little insects are no bigger than an apple seed when mature, but they can cause a lot of restless nights and ugly bite marks.

Green Home

Why Go Solar? 5 Reasons to Make the Investment for Your Home

According to experts, a solar energy system for a conventional home can cost between $35,000 and $45,000. You may think it’s too expensive. You’re probably asking yourself, why go solar?

Analysis Home Storage

photo analysis: Designing and Building a Cold Storage Room

Imagine having your own little grocery store down in the basement or in a specialized room near the kitchen. What we are referring to is a cold storage room (or root cellar) where you can maintain a cool temperature for storing all kinds of food.

Utility Needs

7 Important Things You Need For A New Home

It requires a lot of effort and time to find a house that’s everything you hoped for. But if you thought it’s going to smooth sailing after that, you’re in for a small surprise. The real challenge is now: moving in and converting a house into your home.

Utility Needs

On Windy Days – How to Enjoy, Harness and Protect

Wind – it is a necessity of life on earth. It’s the winds that control the movements of weather for life-sustaining needs. But sometimes in many areas, the winds just keep blowing. So what to do?

Utility Needs

5 Things to Deep Clean Before the Summer Hits

If you are wanting to ensure your property looks its best when the summer months arrive, you should check out this helpful list. Here are five things to deep clean before the summer hits.

Laundry/Mud Room

Doing Laundry – The Steps We Take to Keep Clean

It’s laundry time. Something that has to be done frequently. So let’s review some tactics on how to do laundry, tips and nacks to make doing laundry easier, and key items to make sure laundry can be done more efficiently.