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Green Home

5 Simple Eco-Friendly Home Decor Tips

It’s easier now than ever to find eco-friendly and sustainable products for your home. If you want to do your part for the environment and you are wanting to redecorate, then finding the right sustainable pieces and decor items for your home is important as choosing green alternatives will help you to significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Analysis Green Home

photo image analysis: Building a Smart Energy Free Home

How would you like your home to become totally self energy efficient? That doesn’t mean living off the grid, but rather producing your own energy where grid costs come down to zero. Let’s explore further!

HVAC & Utilities

Maintaining Clean, Ventilated Air For Your Home

Is the air your breathe in your home clean? Or is it stale air that can increase allergies and illness? Clean the air you breathe with home air purifying systems and filters.

Analysis Home Storage

photo image analysis: Building a Functional Pantry Storage

Food storage! That is smart home management in the event of any economic or natural disaster. Having a stocked pantry storage system can help you rotate and mange stored food.

Green Home

How to Use a Remodel to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Any property update should be making the right steps towards being more energy efficient, both for your bank balance and the environment.

Automation & Security

Bump Proof Locks – Understanding How Viable These are?

Lock bumping and picking are as old as home lock systems. If there is the old provision of lock and key, be sure that there is a probability of the same bring picked.

Automation & Security

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Fall can be a beautiful time of year, it’s still warm enough to enjoy being outdoors, but cool enough to do all those jobs you’ve been putting off. Unfortunately, fall is also the time when many pests start looking at making your house their own home.

Analysis Home Storage

photo image analysis: Organizing Your Garage Work Space

You have tools – screws – tape – and all kinds of workbench items. Everything is scattered around. Time to use some garage organization to put everything in place.

Green Home

Hydroponic Gardening – An Illustration of How

The future of farming – or in your case, vegetable gardening. We are speaking of hydroponic gardening. Some illustrations on how this works.

Green Home

10 Natural Remedies to Keep Your Home Bug-Free

When it comes to selling your home, appearance matters. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint and a new set of sheets can take your showing to the next level and make the home more valuable.

Laundry/Mud Room

Making Mud Room Cabinets

If you are coming into the home from the outside, your first stop must be the mudroom. A staging area to remove your shoes and other unclean items before tracking the “outside” into our clean home.

Utility Needs

Machines to Help You Clean Your House

You got to clean your home this weekend. So what can you use to help make the cleaning easier? You can find all types of cleaning machines and tools. Let’s review a few.

Automation & Security

Hurricane is Coming – What Should You Do?

Dark clouds ahead – could it mean a tornado storm? Depends on where you are. But if you live within tornado alley, dark clouds ahead may mean that you need to seek shelter.

Automation & Security

Taking a Summer Vacation – Make Sure to Protect Your Home

So you are going on your vacation. Leaving your home for a week or so. But the go-away question is how to keep your home protected during your absence.

Home Storage

Find Storage Options To Open Up Living Space

What are you going to do with all of your personal home stuff? It keeps getting bigger by the year. That is when you look for storage options such as the garage, attic, basement and possibly your shed.

Utility Needs

Child Development Through Household Chores

We as a family living in this household make messes. So everyone needs to pitch in. Households chores should be assigned for child development and responsibility.

Green Home

What Will Roof Solar Panels Look Like On My House?

There is talk – and push – to become more self energy efficient. Solar roof panels is one option that can help you achieve that. But do these solar panels look nice on your roof? You may find that these panels take away the aesthetic look of your home.

Utility Needs

Got To Do “Spring” Cleaning

Welcome spring! Now it’s time for spring cleaning. Put your gloves on, turn up the music, and get going. It will make your home more please to live in.

Automation & Security

Don’t Become a Victim – What to Do to Avoid Theft

Nothing could be more disappointing then to find your home, ID or other possession stolen. Since theft is a profitable crime, you need to take steps to avoid theft.

Utility Needs

Declutter Your Home In 21 Days – Infographic

Clutter can really ruin the appearance of a home. Often clutter can build up without us realizing and it’s so easy to do when we’re busy with work and other commitments.