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Garden Lighting

Solar Garden Lighting When Wired Lighting Is Too Expensive

You would love to bathe your yard and home in lighting during the night, but it requires expensive setup and wiring. Have you consider using solar garden light – the technology may surprise you.


Decorating Your (sub)Urban Garden

You may think that landscaping a small urban garden is not worth the time. But we some creative thinking, you can build a garden oasis that will make you proud of your urban lifestyle.

Swimming Pools

photo image analysis: Landscaping Your Above Ground Pool Area

Who says an above-ground pool won’t look nice in your backyard? With a bit of landscaping and building a deck to surround and hide the pool wall, you may have something that will look great.


When the Rains Don’t Come – It’s Time For Yard Irrigation

It’s hot outside! And no forecast for rain soon. So to keep you garden growing – and more importantly your trees and shrubs – out comes the yard irrigation system.


Landscaping Space for Family Lawn Games

Summer is a great time to play some lawn games with your family. It is an opportunity to get the kids out of the house and away from their electronics.

Ponds & Fountains

photo image analysis: Using a Garden Waterfall in Your Landscaping Design

Imagine having a garden waterfall in the corner section of your garden landscape. You can create any type of foliage garden surrounding the waterfall that will be fun to create.

Swimming Pools

Rock Swimming Pools – Another Design Consideration

Need to decide how to design your swimming pool area? Let’s go with something unique. How about a rock swimming pool? It will blend nicely with your landscape.

Decks & Patios

Enjoying Your Outdoor Living Space in Style

Landscaping hardscapes are perfect for outdoor living. Use them for fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, ponds and fountains. Some sample pics below.

Garden Planting

Needing Shrubs for Your Home and Yard Landscaping

Decorative shrubs are an important element for any yard landscaping plan. They function as screening, flowering or accent shrubs to bed and outbuildings.

Garden Planting

Yummy! Yummy! Fruit. Do You Have Fruit Orchard?

You certainly want to plan for a fruit orchard. It could be a large or a small backyard orchard. Learn to grown your own fruit for cooking and canning.

Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) –      Salvia

Do you need to dot your sunney garden plot with color? Try the beautiful salvia flower. Comes in reds, whites, and blues. Thrives in hot climates.

Garden Planting

Getting Ready to Plant a Vegetable Garden

Many first-time gardeners have a question about types of flowers. So start by understanding perennial and annual flowers and how to use them in landscaping.


Garden Design Idea: The Mediterranean Garden Look

You need to design a garden. What style would you like to do? How about a Mediterranean garden style? It’s easy maintenance and inviting every time you step into your garden.

Ponds & Fountains

Decorative Edging Stone to Border Your Pond

A beautiful pond in the backyard needs one key landscaping design. Decorate your pond with decorative pond rock to border and surround the pond landscaping.

Yard and Garden

Getting Ready for Your Summer Yard – Landscaping Plan

Summer is coming – time to re-do bathroom with a new design and function. It is something you have been planning for a long time. Now it is time!

Yard Decor & Lighting

Building a Bird Paradise In Your Backyard

Imaging having a bird paradise in your backyard. Hearing the bird songs – viewing the different colors – and identifying birds of all types. It makes for fun entertainment for everyone in the family.

Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) –      Vinca

The nice thing about vinca is that the flower can take a very hot summer day and remain colorful and virbrant. Drought tolerant too. Perfect bedding flower.

Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) –      Geraniums

copyright image by Pixabay 1 | Pixabay 2 What to know about geraniums – Notes: Light:  full sun    –    Height:  6-12 inches; 1-3 feet    –    Season:  spring, summer, fall, with some winter blooms


photo image analysis: Setting Up a Small Garden

So you have a small backyard – not much room to do anything except a couple of chairs on a patchy lawn. So why not turn you small backyard into an elegant oasis. It will become the favorite place to be.

Garden Planting

summer landscaping (sunny flowers) –      Petunia

The hardy petunia is one of gardeners’ favorite flowers. It grows in many zones and spreads like wild fire. And the colors are all over the place.