Yard and Garden

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Yard Decor & Lighting

Something For the Outside – DYI Wall Floral Vases

An idea for the wall area surrounding your deck or patio. Some DYI wall vases for holding some floral arrangement or climbing vine.


Garden Harvest Decor

The harvest is coming in. So celebrate the harvest with some decorative garden harvest decor piece for the table or kitchen counter.


Enjoying a Sandbox With and For Your Children

Do you know what you younger kids need more than anything? It is a custom, built sandbox with all the bells and whistles. They will thank you for it.

Garden Furniture

Enjoying Your New Garden Furniture

It is a beautiful day to eat outside. Light up the grill and let’s get going. But first, do you have a nice, roomy dining table where everyone can sit?

Spas and Hot Tubs

When It’s Time To Live in Luxury

Want to live in luxury? Then you need your own home sauna room. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just some remodeling with installation and you are now in luxury.

Swimming Pools

Some Ideas If Looking for Luxury Swimming Pools

Want to go for a swim? Then let’s try out my own, luxury swimming pool. Those are the words you would like to say. Because a luxury pool means a nice, entertaining swim.

Garden Lighting

Letting Your Garden Shine

Coming home late at night and there it is. You beautiful garden all lit up. That is where landscape lighting comes into the scene … nicely positioned to give your yard n’ garden the illuminated look it deserves.

Garden Furniture

Enjoying Your Living Space Outside On a Garden Sofa

So you are inviting friends over for the weekend for a night out on the patio. Give them full comfort with plush garden sofas. They will certainly enjoy their stay!

Yard Decor & Lighting

Majestic Deer Garden Statues for Stately Landscape Design

There are plenty of garden statues to select for your landscape. One of the favorites is the majestic deer statue. It makes you landscape come to life.


While Summer Beaching This August, Observe Beach Nature

Planning a summer beach trip this August? Best time of the year! But take a moment during your trip to observe nature and the landscape that make up beach areas.

Decks & Patios

Building a Backyard Deck – What Kind of Railings?

If you have a backyard deck, you need to have railing slats that typify a deck. What kind of railing style are you looking for? Something we discuss below!


Beach House Landscaping – Depends Where You Are

So you have a beach house – now what do you do with the landscaping? You may be limited where you are. But there are some ideas that may work for your beach getaway.

Swimming Pools

When Money Is Not An Issue – Indoor Swimming Pool

Let’s say money is not an issue. Wouldn’t you like to have your swimming pool indoors? Pros and cons – but mostly pros. Let’s review some designs.

Ponds & Fountains

Stepping Over Your Pond – Neatly Floating

So you have a pond! How do you get across? You could use a bridge … or better yet, how about pond floating stepping stones.

Garden Furniture

Taking a Picnic Basket To All Kind of Places

Nothing like picnic on a beautiful summer day. But first, you need a picnic basket to carry everything in. With a picnic basket, you can take your picnic to all kinds of places.

Garden Planting

What You Might Need to Plant a Garden

Garden planting – it is great skill to develop. Learning how to plant and harvest your own food. It can help the environment and save you money.

Yard Decor & Lighting

Decorative Rain Barrels to Add to Your Garden

It’s raining. If only you can collect that rain and store it for those days you need it. You can with a rain barrel. A decorative rain barrel perfect for the garden.


Imagine Fun With Their Residential Playset

Imagine the fun your children will have each day with their own personal, backyard playset. Their imaginations will run wild. And it can last a long time.

Swimming Pools

Small Swimming Pools

Small backyard? How about a small swimming pool. It is easier to keep clean and can offer summer cool-off like a large swimming pool.


Patio Redwood Pergola for Outdoor Living

Looking for something stylish for your patio or deck? How about a beautiful pergola to block the sun and maybe grow our own overhead jungle.