photos: Cool Ideas For An Amazing Patio

Cool Ideas For An Amazing Patio

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  • Many people see their outdoor patio as an extension of their indoor living area.

    But in some cases, homeowners think of their patio as their primary living space.

Then again, it’s not surprising some homeowners give their patio special treatment and prefer to spend more time there than anywhere else inside their home.

Patios, after all, are inherently cozy places where they can fully relax. You probably would treat your patio differently, too, by incorporating some of the following patio ideas into the overall design:

More privacy

Shrubs, hedgerow, and tall trees are excellent and natural ways of giving yourself and your guests some privacy while chilling out on the patio. An attractive fence or even drapes and curtains can work as well.

Install a ceiling fan

If you live in a chilly or windy part of the country, any artificial cooling device on your patio would be rendered useless. But if you live somewhere hot and dry, a ceiling fan would be indispensable; especially if you don’t want to be drenched in sweat every single time. A ceiling fan outfitted with lights would be a nice touch.

Put up an outdoor kitchen

Many patios have grills or fire pits, but what we’re suggesting here is a full-fledged outdoor kitchen. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can channel your inner Gordon Ramsay (without the potty mouth of course), feed your guests, and entertain them at the same time in the comfort of your patio?

A dining table

Patio dining is one of the coolest things about having a patio. Some homeowners even consider their patios their main dining area. Nothing beats a romantic dinner with a beautiful view of the outdoors. Just make sure that the dining tables and patio chairs would be proportionate to the size of your patio.


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