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Fall Pest Prevention Tips

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  • Fall can be a beautiful time of year, it’s still warm enough to enjoy being outdoors, but cool enough to do all those jobs you’ve been putting off.

    Unfortunately, fall is also the time when many pests start looking at making your house their own home.

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fall pest prevention

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Cooler weather means outdoor pests move inside


  • The reason is simple, they need somewhere warm and dry to shelter for the winter. Having food and water on hand makes it even more desirable.
  • The pests don’t need to start raiding your refrigerator, the crumbs from your food are enough to keep most of them well-looked after.
  • PEST CONTROL If you already have a pest problem click here and get some professional help to resolve the issue. If you don’t, then use the following tips (listed below) to keep the pests away:

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fall pest prevention

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Seal up the gaps


  • You’ll notice a 4-inch hole in your wall or siding. But, you probably won’t notice a ¼ inch one, unless you’re specifically looking for it. Insects can get through the smallest of cracks and mice are known to fit through holes as small as ¼ inch!
  • Patrol the perimeter of your home, paying particular attention to gaps around windows and doors, the edge of your siding, and where your house meets the ground. If you find any gaps fill them sooner rather than later.

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fall pest prevention

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Cleaning it up


  • Pests won’t just come through the walls, they’ll come through the door or window if you leave it open. If you’ve got children it can be hard to make sure the doors and windows are shut when they need to be.
  • But, in order for a pest to stay in your home, it needs food and water. If the food isn’t available there’s no reason or motivation for a pest to stay in your home. You can prevent them from getting access to food by:

    — Putting food away in sealed containers as soon as you’ve finished using it.

    — Washing dishes and countertops straight away.

    — Cleaning floors, including disinfecting, to remove all food traces.

    — Picking up pet food and water bowls after they’ve been used.


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fall pest prevention

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Check for leaks


  • Take this a step further and check your home for damp spots or leaking pipes. Pay particular attention to the walls and ceilings as these will give away a leaking pipe or faulty roof.
  • This moisture is great for a whole array of pests, you need to get rid of it, that means fixing leaks and your roof
  • You can also make sure that soil or mulch is not against your home, this maintains moisture and gives pests a place to live. Of course, it’s right next to your home which may seem more inviting.

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fall pest prevention

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Using traps


  • You can also set up a variety of traps, although for this approach to work it is best to know which type of pests you’re dealing with. Click here and speak to a local professional regarding pests in your area.
  • The right trap can eliminate a pest before it becomes a problem, but you’ll need to keep them out of the way of children and pets. Some poisonous traps can be harmful to dogs and humans as well.

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