photos: 4 Timeless Flooring Options to Consider for Your Home Renovation

4 Timeless Flooring Options to Consider for Your Home Renovation

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  • Let’s face it – your home is one place that you would give everything to make it look as fresh and beautiful as possible.

    One way of making your home appear trendy and beautiful is by choosing the best tile floor options for your home renovation.

    The good news is that there are different flooring options that you can always choose from.

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flooring options

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There are some flooring designs that make fashion statements while some are known for their durability. The type of flooring for a home often depends on your personal preference. Let us take a look at timeless flooring options that have the ability to complement any type of décor.

Hardwood floors


  • Hardwood flooring has been in existence for many years. It still remains a popular choice for many people who are building for the first time or conducting renovations. The good thing about wood is that it rarely wears out.
  • However, it is important to note that there are certain types of wood that are susceptible to fluctuations. That’s why you will need to be wary about the type of wood flooring you chose for your renovation.
  • Hardwood flooring is highly sought after by many home shoppers. Adding hardwood flooring into your home can instantly increase its value.
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Tiled floors


  • The tiled flooring date traces their history to ancient Greece and medieval Europe. They guarantee your home a timeless look and save you from the need to carry out renovation from time to time.
  • In the recent past, ceramic tile has become a preferred option for most homeowners probably because of stylistic and durability nature.
  • When going timeless with tiled flooring options, it would be better to avoid complicated blends of patterns, shapes, and colors – because it is quite difficult to match.
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Vinyl floors


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flooring options

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  • Carpets are a perfect choice for your house renovation especially if you have colors and patterns that won’t go out of fashion quickly. When it comes to carpet flooring, simplicity is key.
  • Solid colors are always easy to complement with almost anything whereas multi-colored palettes are easy to clash with things with time. Many people prefer carpeted flooring for the comfort and softness it brings to a home.
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flooring options

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What else


  • In a nutshell, there are many flooring options available for your home renovation. The most important thing is to design options that can easily complement any addition elsewhere in the house.
  • And now matter your flooring type, you will need baseboard or floor molding to separate the floor from the walls or one room area from another. You can find all types and color moldings that will fit perfectly with your floor selection.
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