ideas: Welcoming the Halloween Witch as Part of Your Halloween Decor

Welcoming the Halloween Witch as Part of Your Halloween Decor

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  • What frightens your the most when you think of Halloween?

    In the old days, it was the witch who cast spells on little children that drove them away from their families.

    Well today, it may not be the witch. But the witch is still popular when decorating your yard for Halloween.

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Halloween witch

Wicked Halloween witch decoration


  • You can’t have Halloween without a Halloween witch as part of your holiday decor.
  • Witches and pumpkins – with a black cat, broom and cauldron – go great together for any front yard decor.
  • You can make assemble a witch easily using old clothes stuffed with hay or other.
  • Decorate and attach a wicked face and you are set to go to frighten the little kid in you.
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Halloween witch

Halloween party witch


  • A little more expensive setup but effective nonetheless.
  • Note how the bay of hay adds to the overall decor.
  • Pumpkins are placed to give a great Halloween effect.
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flying halloween witch

When you really want to make it interesting


  • How about setting up a flying witch – suspended by wire or other from a tree or support system.
  • The theme of this display is afternoon tea – inviting all to join in.
  • Fall colors and pumpkins tie together the scene.
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image credit: Afternoon Tea, on Flickr

fourth photo remodeling” image

scary Halloween witch

When you want to make it scary


  • If you have the creative skills, how about customizing your Halloween witch.
  • Note the ravens caught up in the witches cloth net.
  • Feathers dorn the the witch apparel.
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image credit: Witch, on Flickr

fifth and last “photo remodeling” image

Halloween still life with witch hat and broom


  • And then there is this design when you want to keep it simple but decorative.
  • Just add some fall colors, pumpkins, and hat and broom.
  • Makes a great decor piece for a table and interior room.
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