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ideas: Hey Birdie, Birdie – Welcome To My Backyard

Hey Birdie, Birdie – Welcome To My Backyard

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  • Having a bird paradise in your backyard is a fun hobby and attraction for the entire family.

    Birds give you beautiful bird songs, color, and variety of different types for observation and learning. Plus birds add to your backyard environment by eating insects.

    So build out your bird paradise by adding these birdie things as part of your general yard decor.

first “photo remodeling” image

bird decor

copyright image by twenty20.com

Inviting birds to your backyard


  • One of the great and fun yard decor ideas is bird-related stuff that are decorative and that attact birds to your backyard. We are speaking of bird feeders, bird houses, perches and more. Decorative items that turns your backyard into a bird paradise.
  • Of course the most important bird item is the bird feeder. Birds need to feed – and if there is a source of seed readily available, you will attact many different types of birds that will bring viewing enjoyment to you and the kids.
  • These birds include those who are colorful – who are beautiful chirpers – those who you may never see readily without a feeder.
  • The feeder needs to be positioned high enough so birds feel comfortable to feed at will.
    Best Bird Feeder Placement
    Feeding Birds: a Quick Guide to Seed Types

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bird decor

copyright image by Pixabay

Build them a house


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bird decor

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Keep them clean


  • A nice decorative bird bath would be a nice addition to your yard. Maybe you would like to add a small fountain and/or waterfall to give you both a bath and fountain. Somthing that would certainly add decor to your garden.
  • The birds will love it too – for cleaning and refreshing during a hot summer day. But mostly bird baths are source of water for drinking – especially during the winter with a heated bath that keeps the water from freezing for an available drinking reservoir
  • Types of bird baths to consider:
    • —   ground bird bath   ( view )
    • —   pedestal   ( view )
    • —   hanging   ( view )
    • —   fountain   ( view )
    • —   heated   ( view )
    • —   solar   ( view )
    Attract Birds With Birdbaths
  • bird bath standsbird bath waterfallbird bath maintenance

       some bird bath ideas to consider      

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fourth “photo remodeling” image

bird decor

copyright image by twenty20.com

Birds need a place to perch


  • When planning for your own backyard paradise, you will likely include a sitting area where you can enjoy a good book and relaxation. Birds likewise enjoy perching to observe their surrounding enviroment and more importantly, to sing their heart out.
  • You have plently of trees in the backyard, these are all natual perching areas. But you can add to your yard some perching posts that add decor to your overall birdie backyard.
    How to Create Perches for Birds in the Yard Using Tree Limbs
  • bird perchesbird seedbird flag

       some bird perch and decor ideas to consider      

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fifth and last “photo remodeling” image

bird decor

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Inviting the hummingbirds


  • Hummingbirds are a nice treat to have in your backyard – it’s fun for the whole family to watch them hover around a feeding area close to the window for observation.
  • However, hummingbirds are not easily to attract unless you have special nectar feeds and flowers that invite the hummingbirds into your backyard. But once they find your “hummingbird attactions”, you can expect them to return often for your visual enjoyment.
    10 Best Flowers for Attracting Hummingbirds
  • hummingbird feedershummingbird houseshummingbird nectar

       some hummingbird ideas to consider      

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Cover image credit: bird decor by Pixabay


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