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ideas: How to Choose the Best Faucet for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Best Faucet for Your Bathroom

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  • Are you in the process of redesigning your bathroom or kitchen? If so, then it's all about maximizing the finer details of the room to create a "wow" factor. One of the most important details is the faucet that you choose.

    The number of options on the market right now might surprise you. There are several different brands, models, and materials that you can consider.

    It's all about finding the right balance between aesthetic for your room and cost for your budget.

first “photo remodeling” idea

best faucet for your bathroom

copyright image by envato.com

1. Fantini faucets


  • Did you know that a majority of human beings deal with immense physical stress in their lives? It’s one of the many things that hold them back from being all that they can be.
  • Fantini tries to cut away at that stress by creating bathroom features that appease the human mind. They believe things such as color, light, and water pulse can be used to turn your bathroom into a hideaway oasis for relaxation.
  • If you’re looking to recreate your bathroom into a place of pampering and meditation, then look no further than Fantini faucets
  • They use things such as brighter faucet colors to liven up your day. Your bathroom will feel more energetic and exciting, even on those long rainy days! Even with the bright color, the design of the faucet remains simple and sleek, perfect for any aesthetic!
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second “photo remodeling” idea

best faucet for your bathroom

copyright image by twenty20.com

2. Moen banbury faucet


  • Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit more subtle. You don’t want your faucet to stick out from the rest of the bathroom’s features, but you also don’t want it going unnoticed.
  • If so, then you can’t go wrong with this 2-handle Banbury faucet by MOEN. It has a brushed nickel coating that won’t leave behind fingerprints or water spots. 
  • Its three-hole installation makes it easy to put in. It will be a perfect fit on any counter material that you’re using in your bathroom.
  • The high-arc handle represents both a classic and timeless design that won’t look out of place in a modern bathroom. It will hold its looks over the years, giving you a higher ROI on a budget-friendly faucet option!
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  • moen banbury faucetall moen bath faucetsmoen kitchen faucets

       some moen faucet ideas to consider      

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third “photo remodeling” idea

best faucet for your bathroom

copyright image by envato.com

3. Luxice automatic faucet


  • For those of you looking for a futuristic bathroom, look no further than the Luxice automatic faucet. As the name would imply, it has a sensor inside that removes the need for your guests to turn the water on with their dirty hands.
  • It will help you save water by starting when the hands are in front of the sink and stopping as soon as you remove them. It’s also able to adjust the temperature to you’re preference while you install it.
  • This faucet also comes with two options for power. You can either supply it with AA batteries or use the plug-in power adaptor that comes with it. 
  • This faucet might be especially intriguing to those of you that are obsessed with creating a smarter home. Less contact, fewer germs, less frustration!
    show me the luxice line of faucets
  • luxice automatic faucetall luxice bath faucetluxice kitchen faucets

       some luxice faucet ideas to consider      

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fourth “photo remodeling” idea

best faucet for your bathroom

copyright image by envato.com

4. Vigo titus wall-mounted faucet


  • You didn’t come all this way to be ordinary. You want to find bathroom features and pieces that are different from anything else your family and guests are using.
  • If so, then you’ll want to seriously consider this wall-mounted faucet by Vigo. It has a sharp design that’s appealing to the eye and blends perfectly with any sharp-shaped mirror, counter, cabinets, and so on.
  • Even though it’s wall-mounted, you won’t experience any extra struggle during installation. It only has two holes for mounting, making it easy to place on the wall within minutes.
  • It also contains a WaterSense feature that helps you regulate the amount of water that’s being used in your bathroom. It can control both the water and temperature settings, as well as the flow rate!
    show me the vigo industries line of faucets
  • vigo titus wall-mounted faucetall VIGO bath faucetVIGO kitchen faucets

       some VIGO faucet ideas to consider      

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fifth “photo remodeling” idea

best faucet for your bathroom

copyright image by envato.com

5. Delta cassidy faucet


  • Perhaps some of you are looking for a faucet that’s individual to your home. While you’re not willing to go the wall-mounted route, you want a design that’s entirely unique to your home.
  • It’s worth noting, once again, that the Fantini faucets would make an excellent choice for those wanting unique faucet features. However, another notable option is the Cassidy faucet by Delta Faucet.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty that’s offered by the manufacturer, helping you to install the faucet with comfort. This faucet also contains WaterSense features to help you home use up to 20-percent less water than traditional bathroom faucets. 
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  • delta cassidy faucetall delta bath faucetsdelta kitchen faucets

       some delta faucet ideas to consider      

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sixth and last “photo remodeling” idea

best faucet for your bathroom

copyright image by https://123rf.com/

6. Pfister brea waterfall faucet


  • Nothing says “spa” or “relaxation” more than a waterfall. That’s probably why so many people recommend the Brea waterfall faucet by Pfister. It’s one of the best bathroom faucet brands, and it offers easy setup.
  • This particular faucet offers both three-hole and one-hole installation, making it perfect for almost any sink. It also comes with the Pfister-patented Pforaver seal technology that will prevent any leaks from happening. 
  • This faucet comes in many different materials such as brushed nickel, matte black chrome, white chrome, Tuscan bronze, and polished chrome.
  • Find the Best Bathroom Faucets for Your Home

    Now that you’ve seen an assortment of the best bathroom faucets, it’s time to use this list to find the best bathroom sink faucets for your need.

  • Consider the different aesthetics that you might want for your bathroom. If you’re looking for something that stands out and separates it, then don’t be afraid to make the faucet “pop”!
  • pfister brea waterfall faucetall pfister bath faucetspfister kitchen faucets

       some pfister faucet ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    your design and selection of bathroom faucets

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