ideas: How to Design Your Bathroom: The Top Tips to Know

How to Design Your Bathroom: The Top Tips to Know

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  • Of all of the home projects out there, a bathroom remodel provides the most significant boost in your home's resale value.

    In fact, Zillow estimates that, for every $1 you put into the space, you get back $1.71 when you sell your home.

    You can make simple — or sweeping — changes to see this money returned to you. You just have to know how to design your bathroom like a pro.

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design your bathroom

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1. Create the layout


  • You can’t start your bathroom renovation without first laying out the space. Most bathrooms have limited square footage — and access to water pipes. Still, you should lay everything out before you start demolishing your bathroom.
  • Figure out what you must have in your bathroom or what luxuries you want to add. For example, you could carve out a small space next to the toilet if you’d like to use a bidet. Fancy jacuzzi tubs, double-sink vanities, oversized showers and other upgrades might also be on your radar.
  • Once everything has a place, you can move forward with your bathroom design.
    why use a bidet
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design your bathroom

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2. Light it right


  • No one wants to get ready in a dark bathroom. Instead, make sure your space has ample light, especially near the mirror.
  • Your best bet is to have wall-mounted lights on the side of your mirror, as well as a light shining overhead. This way, your face will be illuminated as you shave or put on makeup, for example. The more light, the better!
  • The decor adds nicely to surrounding area.

      positioned strategically throughout the bathroom including over the vanity, shower, and bath area. Recessed lighting provides ample lighting without taking up ceiling space. You can also control recessed lighting with different switches so as to light up a particular area as needed:
      VIEW: bathroom recessed lighting


      lighting that is attached to the wall that lights up the mirror and sink area. As noted, used for bodily preparation:
      VIEW: bathroom vanity lights


      beautifully designed pendant lights that hang from the ceiling illuminating the vanity and other bath areas:
      VIEW: bathroom pendant lighting


      basic light fixtures mounted to the ceiling. A nice option for small bathrooms that lack ceiling space for other lighting types:
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  • bath recessed lightingbath vanity lightsbath pendant lighting

       some bathroom lighting ideas to consider      

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design your bathroom

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3. Choose storage to fit your budget


  • In a perfect world, your bathroom remodel would include custom cabinetry. If this is in your budget, you can create a vanity that suits your style to a T.
  • However, you can still upgrade your storage if you can’t afford custom-fitted cabinetry. One option is to purchase pre-fabricated cabinets that will fit into your space. They may not be precisely what you had in mind, but they’ll be cost-effective and close to your vision.
  • You could also try sprucing up the cabinets you already have. A coat of paint can transform an older wooden material or finish. Swapping out hardware will further modernize your vanity.
    How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets
  • bathroom cabinet paintbathroom cabinet hardwaremedicine cabinet

       some bathroom cabinet ideas to consider      

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design your bathroom

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4. Don’t forget the flooring


  • Water-resistant flooring should be on your list of bathroom essentials. Tile tends to be the most popular option, and for a good reason. It’s not only impervious to water, but it comes in a slew of shapes, sizes and colors.
  • You can easily customize your bathroom with a new floor. Just be sure to choose a less polished material so that you don’t slip on your new bathroom floors.
  • Other flooring options include:
    The Best Options for Bathroom Floor Tile
  • ceramic tileluxury wood vinylengineered hardwood

       some bathroom flooring ideas to consider      

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design your bathroom

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5. Opt for a soothing color


  • Your bathroom should be a retreat. Don’t choose a color that gives off any other vibe. In most cases, light blues and greys create this serene vibe. You might consider another shade to be your version of soothing.
  • We suggest going with a soft, muted or pastel hue, even if a cool blue doesn’t suit your taste.
  • DESIGN IT YOUR WAYThese five tips can help you design your bathroom, but, in the end, it’s all down to your decision-making and decorating tastes.
  • So, start drawing up layouts and perusing potential materials. Soon enough, you’ll have the soothing retreat of your dreams — and an incredible investment in your home, as well.
  • gray paint samplelight blue paint samplepainting supplies

       some paint sample ideas to consider      

  • What comments can you share about
    your bathroom designs and upgrades

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