photos: photo image analysis: Indoor House Trees for Bold Decor

<span>photo image analysis:</span> Indoor House Trees for Bold Decor

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  • Want to do something bold in your home decor? How about an indoor house tree?

    There are a number indoor trees that will lift the decor in any room.

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indoor house trees

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What do you see in the image above?

  • Indoor house trees: in this image analysis, we are taking a look at indoor house trees – decorative trees that can add boldness to any room decor:
    10 best indoor trees for happier home
  • What tree type: the type of house tree is important – one that will last year round without losing its leaves. And you might even consider citrus trees – something that can you can harvest during the year:
    best fruit trees to grow indoors | things nobody tells you about indoor citrus trees
  • Need to have a big container: note the size of the container – large enough to hold and steady the tree – large enough to make a bold statement in your home decor:
    large planters
  • Add other house plants: adding some mid-size and smaller container plants rounds out the look you may want to display – note that all three are floor plants arranged to give a large – big – small in a nice circumference look.
  • White container rock: the tree container has white rock on top – note how it matches the rock panel along the side stairway wall. The use of rock adds to the modern theme of the room:
    garden rock
Final observation:

indoor house trees are a nice addition to green up a room. They do need to be taken care of with plenty of light, water, fertilizer and disease control for the continued health of the tree. Note that houseplants help filter the air for improved interior ventilation.

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