photos: Living Green By Building and Utilizing a Garden Compost

Living Green By Building and Utilizing a Garden Compost

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  • If you are converting to a green living lifestyle, a great "green" concept is a garden compost area.

    A designated place where food scraps and other bio-gradable products are placed to degrade over time making earthly compost. Nothing wasted ... everything gained!

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garden composter

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Open garden compost pit


  • Compost is what it means – it is discarding food scraps in a bin to break down into compost.
  • You need to right elements – sun heat- air and worms.
  • Bins can be a makeshift crate enclosure stationed in the yard or a compost bin you can buy.
  • The compost can then be used in the garden with plenty of nutritional value.
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compost worms

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Worms play important role in garden compost process


  • Worms can play a key role in composting.
  • Worms will eat scrape materials that become compost as it passes through the worm’s body.
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barrel composter

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Compost tumbler with two chambers


  • You can purchase compost bins that sit right outside of your home.
  • The two chambers allow for aging on one side and current scrapes on the other.
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Combo rain barrel and compost


  • This combo bin is both a compost bin (on top) and rain barrel (on bottom).
  • You have become totally green by converting scrapes to compost and rain to water use.
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worm composter

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Plastic worm composter


  • This bin is strictly for worm composting.
  • Worm composters work a bit faster in converting scrapes to compost.
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